“I always love Science. It is very interesting and we can always learn something new about the vast changing world.”

For this trip, I had two of my good friends Lein and Daisy, as we again explore the World of Science. They are also my companions the first time I went to the Mind Museum Main Gallery.

By the way, I first heard of this exhibit at a-deals.com and the deal is for two and about 50% off the regular fee, so I took it. Entrance Fee: Php250/ 2 persons.

To start of, the BIORHYTHM exhibit is located at the Special Exhibition Hall of The Mind Museum at Taguig City. It is the 1st travelling exhibition, originally from Dublin, Ireland, and its primary purpose is to let us explore and understand the relationship between music and the body. 

Here is one weird exhibit. I am glad I am a science teacher and could somewhat cope up with the technicalities of the stuffs here. The weirdest I say would be the video streaming of a guy with a drum on his head, you will just put on the headphones and sit on a cool molecule chair and watch and hear the sound. Photographed by Raulein Miranda

There are also some cool stuffs, we did enjoyed with the little less confusions and it was actually fun.

Here are some:

Hear Hear 1 Speak in the microphone and see Hear Hear 2

In Hear Hear 1, when sound is converted into signals , it is then transmitted to Hear Hear 2. See how the vibrations of the three objects which represents the three little bones found in our ear and the most obvious part cochlea (the spiral structure).

Chains of Emotions: Series of individual metallic chains that connected to the floor up to the ceiling. How does it works? Tight your grip into the central chain and touch another chain and it produces a sound. But coolest though is that when you grip on the central chain and hold a friend which had her grip in another chain, it still produces sounds. The body serves a conductor were it can transfer the signals needed to within a circuit. Photographed by: Daisy Bumacod

Heart N’ Beat: It’s Not Your Ordinary Lego. It contains resistors and with the proper settings with the device, it produces beeping sounds. Here are the stocks of lego we came up, the sound it produces sounds something like “eeeeeeeiiiiik eeeeeiiiikkk,” so cool!

Reactable: Not an ordinary table. This table can produce sound by the use of image codes which can be found in the circular and cubic pieces and can only be interpreted by the software. The sounds can be manipulated, full or low volume and drums and bass.

The Theremin Inspector: Electromagnetic energy being detected with every body movement.

And there are lots of more stuffs inside which are also very interesting but needs further understanding due to its complexity. All in all, it was a great day to have fun with science.

If you want to visit Mind Museum, you can check their website http://www.themindmuseum.org and the rates.

Ticket Pricing of the Museum:

Adult Php 600.00

Child & Private School Students Php 450.00

Public School Student and Teachers Php 150.00

All Day Pass Php 750.00

All ticket purchases is used for the maintainance of the museums and exhibit and the Mind Museum also subsidizes the tickets of teachers and public school students.

This is one good call! I am one lucky SPED/Science Teacher. 🙂