Sample Itinerary & Budget for CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon

Day 1: Arrival MNL-CDO-BUKIDNON-CDO (Oct 5)
8:10-9:40: MNL-CDO (commute: approx P50; terminal fee:P200)
9:40-11:00: Ate Fe’s relatives (transpo P50)
11-12: Lunch P(50)
12-1:30pm: CDO-BKDNON travel bukidnon adventure and forest park (P150)
1:30-2:30: pineapple plantation/ buy pineapples (P150)
2:30-6:00pm: Dalihayan forest park and adventure park
–          Ziplines (P600)
–          treetop (P250)
6:00-7:00: return to CDO (P150)
8 or 9 pm: dinner and rest (P50)

Day 2: CDO-Camiguin-CDO (Oct 6)
6:00-730: port/ ferry terminal (approx P200)
7:30-9:00: travel by water
9:00-5:00pm: swim and tours
–          White sand beaches (P250)
–          Old volcano
–          Sunken cemetery (boat: P200)
–    lunch (P100)
–          Souvenirs/fruits: (P200)
–          Wash out time
5:00-6:00pm: return to CDO ferry (approx P200)
6-7:00: dinner (P50)

Day 3: CDO tour-Manila (Oct 7)
6-7: breakfast (P50)
7:00- 12:00: Macahambus zipline, caving and touring (P300, P200)
12:00-1:00 lunch (P50)
2:00-3:00: Souvenirs (P200)
– love gift: (P250)
3:00-4:00: airport (terminal fee P200)
6:10: CDO-manila (transpo P50)
7:00: dinner (P50)
Approx expenses = Php 4050

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