5-Days Manila Challenge


For the love of exploration, we walk into the busy grounds of Roxas Boulevard, Luneta Park and Intramuros. This happens for 5-days of which attending a seminar in the morning and 5-days of exploring Manila in the afternoon (5 PM-onward).

Day 1: Luneta Park and the Viking Ride

Improved and renovated areas in the park draws attention to local and foreign tourist. The park was transformed into a must-see tourist destination. Aside from the renovated landscape of Rizal Shrine, there are other attractions place in the park such like Pinoy Thomas and friends (train), the gigantic Lapu-Lapu Monument, carnival rides, floating map of the Phil., et cetera.

We didn’t missed the chance to get our photo ops from these said attractions and we also did tried the Viking ride.

Day 2: Morning Walk and a Visit in The Martyrdom of Dr. Jose P. Rizal

I was so early for my seminar which is quite a surprise to me. The bus is not full with cramming passengers and I am comfortably seated in a train (LRT) that morning but then again when I check at my phone and see the date, it was (March 9) a national holiday and most have their holiday break. How I wish everyday would be like that morning… And since I arrived 1-hour early, I decided to pass by Luneta Park and take some good pictures and have an exercise (walking). Check out what I did that morning:

After our seminar, together again with my friends, we passed by Luneta again. Here is what we did:

Day 3: City Within Walls

After the seminar, we tried again walking along Roxas Boulevard and decided to continue walking to reach Intramuros. It was a long walk but with my girls being so energetic and so bubbly, it was certainly one great adventure.

Day 4: Children’s Playground at Luneta Park
After the seminar, we wanted to go home early for some tasks to be done for tomorrow’s seminar closing. But how do you stp your feet from finding its way to good and exciting places? 🙂

We ended up walking again in Luneta Park and saw the Children’s Playground… and said to each other, let’s just be quick. LOL! Here is our tour inside:

Day 5: Morning Rush and Lights and Music Fountain at Luneta Park

I have to be early to print out my lesson plan, and since I don’t have any idea where I could find one near the Pearl of the Orient Tower, I decided to get off LRT at Central Station and walk the busy streets of San Marcelino where during my college days we often do our research and rents computers.

The seminar graduation ended up almost 6:00 in the evening but still we wanted to walk around Manila, this time we had another companion- Sir Rolan.

It was fun walking around Manila. It what our mishaps, sweat and calorie burned, laughs, food trips, bonding, sharing of thoughts and stories that made our adventure perfect. It was only our first time together in going out, but it seems that we are just some old souls from the past who had the chance to meet again in this so called present. I summarize this as an awesome 5-Day Manila Challenge, and what made this a good adventure is that we all ended up gaining new perspective and new friends for keeps.

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