Lacking Social Regards (The Experiment)

Have you seen the video of “GENTLEMEN” by a Korean singer named Psy? Oh please! Do not be like that! The face-hidden wanderlust is on the pursuit on finding real gentlemen (any man of good and courteous conduct especially in riding PUV) in this world.

Traveling in the metro via jeepney, bus, LRT and MRT is one of the face-hidden wanderlust favorites. She loves getting on and off different routes, touring around the web-like streets leading to two different places or cities, observing how PUV and people follow traffic rules, and how people behave while commuting. These also teaches her how to be street-wise and tolerant, and that’s the advantage of PH transportation for her.

However, it’s a fact that taking these modes of transportation also means doing: “standing ovation” standing the entire journey;pushinggetting on and off the LRT and MRT needs some pushing on people who are blocking your way;chasingrunning after the bus/ jeepney to get on it or jumping out of it as it still moves,amazing race racing against people so to be loaded on the jeep or bus; and many other terms as long as Philippine transportation is concern, these are some of the disadvantages.

Yet, Violet is not a masochist or sadistic. She’s enjoying each ride but she doesn’t find any pleasure on commuting especially when she experiencing pushing and standing ovation. That’s the truth.

Sticks and stones, never lose your grip and ignoring them is her mantra. She always find something irritating, fist-clenching, middle finger raising, eyebrow twitching, mouth pouting and frowning, eyeball rolling and saying-stfu-in-her-mind on people along her way but definitely she avoids trouble (mostly, just whining a little and giving deadly stares) and these usually occurs with an encounter with male passengers. LOL! Perhaps, we all (ladies) do these? 🙂

But never underestimate the power of this girl, she had been using her charms/ being a young lady as her advantage when usually riding this public utility vehicles. But aside from this, he had been experimenting for some quite time now and usually with bus, LRT and MRT rides only. She calls this as the “Lack of Social Regard.”

The scenario is this:

A young lady, cute, not-face-hidden, has natural curves in her body, has long-dark hair, chinita eyes, light complexion (according to her friends whom she’d asked for her description of chances being noticed by male passengers) ride on a bus/ MRT/ LRT. She would go near a man whom is comfortably seated on his chair.

Now the question is, what would be the immediate response of the man? Would he give his seat to this lady?

On The LRT Line 1

Trial 1: On the male sectioned train, she enters with two friends. She stands near a man who is approximately on his 30’s. Nothing happened. The man ignored her and her two companions.

Trial 2: She stands in front of a man who is about 40 and some 2 other guys near him is about 25- late 30s. Again nothing happens.

Trial 3: Rush hour, she came in and pushed her way into the middle. Some guys are giving some spaces to let Violet and her girls get in. At the mid-section of the train, mostly girls are seated with their bfs and husbands. But still men, seated and they just ignored the standing woman.

Note: Failure to find a real gentlemen in LRT Line 1. It does not count, if the male subject get off the station.

On The MRT

Trial 1: On the male sectioned train, she came in. No one moves and then an elderly enters, no one moves again. @!$#%

Trial 2: On the male sectioned train, she had a seat. Then, a pregnant lady came in on the 3rd to the last station and no one seems to noticed her. Violet gave her seat. No gentlemen sited.

Trial 3: On the male sectioned train, she came in with two girl companions and stand in front of a young man in his 20s. The man immediately offers his seat. Violet took her friend and shared the seat vacant. The other man (in his late 30s) reading a newspaper also stand and gave up his seat, making more space for both girls. While the policemen in their front, ignore the other girl who is still standing.

Note: Sited two gentlemen.

On The bus

Trial 1: The bus is full. The man offered his seat to Violet and stand the entire trip going to SM North Edsa.

Trial 2: Going to Manila, the bus is full. No gentleman sited. When some passengers are unloaded, instead of Violet taking her seat as gestured by few men, she offered it to an elder lady.

Trial 3: Going to Pasay, she stands near a man who is comfy seated and the bus is full of men and women standing. 20 minutes passed and the male guy seating arrived in his destination, the vacant seat is available for Violet but instead of seating she gave it to her 12 year old girl companion (who is in front of a man who is in his 40s but ignored the standing kid). Shame on to these men. But she saw a man in his early 20s, gave his seat for an old lady (the man’s stood up more than 20 minutes then arrived at Baclaran and get off).

Note: One gentleman sited.

Random sampling is used. Based on true encounters. The result is such a shame. It doesn’t really need any statistical analyses for us to determine what a true gentleman is in this social experiment.

Recommendation: A nice face may also lead for a man to offer his seat, maybe Violet would try another random sampling with another standing girl. It is also a shame that woman thinks that they don’t have any say on this, we can have our chances to become a gentleman or a gentlewoman to a kid, a lady, a pregnant woman, PWD or an elderly. Let’s not be a person who do not have a social regard on these people.

For the next encounters of the face-hidden wanderlust, she’ll reward those gentleman with good manners and gonna get an interview with them, too.

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