Credits: Len Flores

Kiltepan Sunrise. Credits: Len Flores

Explore Banaue, Sagada and side-trip Baguio 2013 (May 20-22)

Sagada Tour 

  • Tour at Kiltepan, Echo Valley, St Mary’s Church, Big Falls (BOMOD-OK Falls), Sumaguing Cave, Lumiang Cave, Hanging Coffins, Ganduyan Museum and Rock inn/Orange Farm
Ohayami bus. Manila to Banaue Route.

Ohayami bus. Manila to Banaue Route.


A. Manila-Sagada
– Manila to Banawe: Php 450
– Banawe to Sagada: Php 300

B. Sagada- Manila
– Sagada- Baguio Fare: Php 220
– Baguio Taxi to terminal: Php 25 (actual 50 pesos)
– Victory Liner Baguio to Manila: 445


DAY 00 (May 19, 2013)

9:00 PM: Departure (450)
11:00 PM: Stopover Bulacan

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces

Day 01 (May 20, 2013) 

3:00 AM: Stopover Aritao Nueva Vizcaya
6:00 AM: Arrival – BANAUE (A quickie tour in Banaue… click here)
7:00 AM: Breakfast at People’s Restaurant (90 pesos)
8:00 AM: Roaming around
8:30 AM: Leave Banaue via van (300)
8:40 AM: Banaue View Point
Optional/ Incidental: buy souvenirs: bag *(130), magnets *(150), keychains *(100), read more about bargaining and tip for Igorot elders *(50)

9:00 AM: Travel to Sagada
10:16 AM: Passed by Bontoc
11:44 AM: Arrived in SAGADA; Stayed in Sagada Guesthouse (700)
Room rates: 900 pesos/night (for 1 double bed, 1 single bed, private bathroom). But with haggling, got it for 700 pesos/night. Paid 1400 for 2 nights. 700 pesos each person. there are economy room for 200/night.

1:00 PM: Lunch at Pepper and Salt (160) and Lemon House Pie (60)
2:00 PM-3:00 PM: rest at the guesthouse
3:00 PM: Cave connection with Violet, Len, Jun and Kim and Hanging coffins view deck (500/each)
Cave connection for 400 pesos each while normal caving 200 pesos

Service ride back-and-forth: 500 pesos (highly recommended, activity is too tiring; if you like walking it would take 40 mins away from the information center).

Proper Attire:

7:30 PM: End of caving/spelunking
7:30-8:00: quick shower
8:150 PM: Dinner at Sagada Homestay Diner (too hungry, too tired forgotten the price list and menu; approx 170) I paid for 155. (155)
chicken bbq with rice (150), hot chocolate/milo (20) and water (45)
Bill is 805. Sir june paid for 500 and ate Len and Violet split the 305.
9:00 PM: curfew
9:30 PM: walked home dead tired and sleepy

EXPENSES (for Day 00 to Day 1) =  2,415 pesos & Incidental: 470 pesos


Spelunking. Cave Connection. Credits: Len Flores

Day 02 (May 21, 2013)

6:00 AM: Walk looking for breakfast. Sagada is still asleep.
7:00 AM-7:30 AM: Porridge/ Lugaw Breakfast near GL us terminal (35)
Arroz caldo (with eggand chicken) for 45
Arroz caldo (with egg only) for 35

7:30 AM: Visit St. Mary’s Church and walk some more
7:40 AM: Went back to Sagada Guesthouse (change clothes)
8:00 AM: Ganduyan Museum (25) + donation *(25)
8:30 AM: Went to info center and met (Sir Lary, Sir Richard and Sir Joey) Bomod-ok falls and trekking (230)
Guide tours: 500 pesos (good for 1-10 people) Guide: Rainalyn
Service ride: 600 pesos (good for 1-10 people)
Baranggay fee: 10 pesos/ each

11:30 AM: Lunch at Pinikpikan House meal for 1,288 for 7 people  (184/each)
1:00 PM: Deliver Sir Lary, Sir Richard and Sir Joey at Lumiang Cave
Incidentals: Tip for Rainalyn:* (100)
1 box of egg pie *(200) with 8 slices
1:15: Rest and Sleep at Sagada Guesthouse

3:30 PM: Seeing hanging coffins, weaving and pottery making, lake danum sunset for 400 pesos but it rained (cancelled) instead we buy pasalubong
Avoid Ganduyan Shop (very unfriendly), look for Seven J’s handicrafts & souvenirs in front of Masferre (opens at 7:30 AM)
bag: *(150) instead of 180
keychains:  3 pcs for *(100) pesos
t-shirts for (160) pesos instead of 170, *(320)

5:30 PM: Snack at Yoghurt House
Ate len’s treat: Chocolate chip yoghurt *(100) and hot choco big mug (90)
6:30: head back to guesthouse
8:00 PM: Dinner at Sagada’s Guesthouse Restau Pancake (90)
8:30 PM: Bathing

EXPENSES (Day 02) = 564 pesos & Incidentals: 895 pesos


Day 03 (May 22, 22013)

4:30 AM: Kiltepan Sunrise (500 service and guide) (250) + tip *(50)
6:00 AM: Rock Inn/Farming
6:30 AM: Echo Valley and Sagada Cemetery
7:00 AM: Lugaw Breakfast (35)+ *(45)
7:30 AM: Wash-up and check-out
8:00 AM: Departure to Baguio (220)


12:00PM: Benguet Stop-over (85) expensive tilapia and rice!
2:30 PM: Arrival in Baguio
3:00 PM: Arrival in Victory Liner (445) and Pasalubong
peanut brittle and chocoflakes *(100/3 containers) and jam *(200)
5:00PM: Pangasinan stopover
hotdog *(35) and donut *(12)
7:00PM: stopover in Tarlac
10:00 PM: Arrival in SM (fx 45)
11:19: Home-sweet-home

EXPENSES (Day 03)= 1080 pesos & Incidentals: 442 pesos

– – –

TOTAL EXPENSES (Day 00-03) = 4059

Incidentals = 1807

Grand total = 5866 pesos

84 thoughts on “ACTUAL BANAUE-SAGADA ITINERARY AND EXPENSES (two backpackers)

    • Aloha, Flong! Thanks… xoxo!
      U should never miss Sagada (long road trip is all worth it) and maybe try it this coming november or december, especially on their town’s celebs. I’m totally excited for ur trip. 🙂
      And about the incidentals – things and stuffs u could avoid buying especially when being a backpacker and its out of ur budget. It includes snacks, water and souvenirs w/c actually u can’t avoid. LOL!

    • Hello! Chubi,what type of a traveler r u? If u r an adventurer-type of person, DO-IT-YOURSELF Adventure/trip is highly reccomended. I encourage DIY since u control ur own time,eat anywhere u like,sleep if too tired and change plan as u desire. There are too many places and things to explore in Sagada and usually package tours are mostly 3D2N… try stayin for 5-7days to explore entire Sagada and nearby towns like Bontoc and Banaue.
      DIY works for me since I do all transaction, haggle most of the time (tawaran portion), love talking to fellow explorer, natives and strangers, and I can avoid annoying tourists (taking package tours) so thay can’t ruin my vacation. If u think this too will work for u, try it. But if u prefer comfy travel, let package tour do it for u.

  1. hi,ask ko lang should i buy the return ticket at dangwa station from baguio going to sagada or at sagada may station to buy?how much ba rate ng tour guide for solo traveller?ikaw lang at tour guide o may kasamang ibang group?

    • Hello Henry! Thank u for dropping by… ^___^ just a reminder po, I can only talk about my experiences and so far Sagada is my perfect adventure. So let me try to share my insignificant thoughts but it the end, ikaw parin ang gagawa ng sarili mong adventure ah… sana makatulong ako sa planning mo. 🙂

      Anyways, why not try to come from Manila to Banawe (like we did) via Ohayami bus located at Cor. J. Fajardo St., Lacson Ave? Fare is 450 pesos and leaves at 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM daily.
      Here is my post about it (pretty pretty please read). hehehehe… and so u can visit the famous Banawe terrain and its museums. And magkaiba kasi yun view ng Banaue to Sagada with Baguio to Sagada.

      But if u insist na sa Baguio ang byahe mo… Marami nmng bus sa Sagada-to-Baguio and they have their sched posted. Sa Baguio-to-Manila nmn nonstop ang Victory Liner kaya wala naman kaming naencounter na hassle sa pagbili ng return tickets. 🙂

      Standard rates sila, pre. Pero kung malakas ang charms mo… baka makatawad ka pa like we did. These rates come from SAGGAS but our guide is from SEGA (located at the post office), w/c follows the same rates. U can have the guide all for yourself pero magastos pagsolo, try to be friendly or maki-sabit sa mga small groups or backpackers (maraming ganun dun). What we did was talk to friendly-looking and trust-worthy people and just like that we found our cave-mates and falls-mates, to look out for each other at nakatipid din kami. Masmasaya din. 🙂

      Enjoy Sagada and have the best adventures! xoxo

  2. hi! I really like your take on Sagada! I’m actually convincing my boyfriend to go on a trip there earlier next year, backpacker style like the one you did but staying a night or two in Baguio :)… I was hoping to take a stop on Batad for a night if it’s recommendable before going to Sagada or does the van stops for like an hour or so just to take some pics?… I wish for more info and I hope you will launch a Sagada tour map for backpackers! 😉 more power!!!

    • Thanks,saramaemansueto! hugs! 😉
      A good company will make the travel best- a BF will do. Go for DIY! 😀

      For Batad, tours are available and u’ll meet plenty of travelers going to Batad, too. All are present when u’r out of the bus. Sagada and Batad are on diff. directions so you need an extra day to explore Batad.

      About the Map… I remember buying one but I think I misplaced it somewhere. LOL. I’ll try to work on it. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting! Go see PH!

  3. hello ms.violet!!
    ask lang po, san kayo nakakuha ng van from banaue to sagada? P300/2person? or rent nio van for 300? thank you…

  4. Hi,
    We plan to go to Sagada this feb. And like you, gusto ko munang dumaan sa Banaue bago ang Sagada. kaya lng, sa nakikita ko (and searched over the net), 9pm and 10pm lng talaga ang schedule ng Ohayami bus.kaso 9.30 arrival namin sa NAIA and 30min ride patungo Sampaloc. so d talaga kami aabot sa 10pm bus departure.
    Question: are there any other bus na papuntang Banaue?like isang biyahe lng?
    Anyway, Victory Liner is always on the go. every 1hr. (patungong baguio). But that will be our last option if wla na talaga.

    • Hi, Rregy! Why not try Victory liner (Manila-Baguio-Sagada) papunta and Ohayami (Sagada-Banaue-Manila) naman pauwi. That would be much fun kasi maenjoy nyo both the scenery of both routes. 🙂
      But if you wish to see Banaue muna bago Sagada, why not try asking Florida Bus (02) 7815894, baka meron na sila. Or may way din sa Nueva Viz to Banaue via Lagawe. Hard to get talaga ang Banaue at Sagada, but all worth it naman so why not explore more lalo na in taking other routes (yun lang hindi lang isang byahe). ^__^

  5. Hi, There are 2 of us both 65 years old, planning to go to banaue/sagada on DIY (thanks for the acro) on backpaks. Going through all the queries which you painstakingly answered, can I still get some clarifications: We will take bus MLA-banaue and from there already take a van to sagada already. There’s nothing to see in banaue? Sombody mentioned about view deck to see the rice terraces? I think my companion and I are still fit but not the long walk going to Batad (?)

  6. Good Day Violet!!! Alvin here =) We will actually go to SAGADA next week just wanna ask about the SAGADA MUST DO!!! like cave connection and hangging coffins deck is P500 and trecking is P230.00 but the service ride and guide fee is that per person? or for the whole group na???

    • Hello, Alvin! 🙂 wow! I feel your energy radiating from my screen… nakakaexcite naman. here is my list of must do, tips and my blog about it:
      1. food-tripping,
      2. Caving,
      3. chasing water falls; and
      4. culture.

      how many friends will u bring? always remember this “the more the merrier and the cheaper.”
      Cave connections cost 400/each + guide, while the service cost 500 for 10 pax (I only paid 100. LOL. It should be divided by 4 though). Paid 500 pesos for the entire adventure. ^____^v
      While for the trekking: 500 for the guide + 600 pesos service (whole group 1-10pax).

      nakakanosebleed magenglish. Enjoy your trip! Bring your camera and look for our awesome guide/photographer Rex from SEDA group. 😛

      • Actually we’re just 4 hahahaha.. I m looking forward na sana may makasabay kami sa SAGADA next week so that we could ask them if we could do those activities together so we could pay less…(wais) hahahahaha

        So to verify for the trekking 600 pesos yung bayad for the service it’s good for 1-10 persons but there will be a tour guide fee of 500 (is it for person or for the entire group) right?? (so if we are 4 we’ll just pay 150 each and roughly 125 for the tour guide. Right) =)

        And about the transpo..From Manila to Banaue then Banaue to Sagada (VAN) sure po bang mgsstop over kami sa BANAUE VIEW POINT that’s where the RICE TERRACES is right?? =)

        So excited for this hahahaha our trip will be next week na hahahahaha… and one last question walang inuman or bar sa SAGADA??…hahahahaha

      • Fantastic 4. i hope so… its more fun when u can share some stories and laughter inside the caves, lalo na pag strangers. Maraming moments na nakkatawa, nakakaiyak at nakaka feeling spiderman. I wud definitely want to here ur story very very soon. 🙂

        yup.yup. for the trek. 275 + 10 envi fee.
        Please tell ur driver ur specific request… they tend to be in a rush… kagaya nun ngmomoment pa ako sa view deck… aalis na raw. D ko rn natry un wooden scooter. Try it…
        and if u r not in a hurry, visit the banaue museum & bontoc museum. D q ngwa kc… 🙂
        and sa sagada… ikain mo n lng ako ng eggpie at lemon pie. Huhuhuhu… superb pies. Hayahay! Nkakamiss… ♡♡♡

  7. Thanks so much for the info..violet really appreciate it atleast i have an idea na on the things that we can do in sagada..

    THANK YOU.. =))

    • Hi violet just wanna ask,about Kiltepan sunrise…do u still remember how much will it cost per person and is there a service ride fee or tour guide fee? tnx

      • We paid 500 for the service and guide.
        No entrance fees. Kiltepan, Rock Inn/Farming, Echo Valley and Sagada Cemetery. Look for Kuya Greg from SEGA, use your charms to get discounts. 09182214497:)

        We had the same guide from day 1. Suki kami kaya may discount 🙂

  8. hi violet.. magtatanung lng po.. saan po ba maganda magstay sa sagada? solobackpacker po ako nagpaplan ako umakyat ng sagada 3rd week of march. tnx. hope you reply.

  9. howdy mam violet, ask lng, me and my wife will going to sagada this coming holyweek for 3 days 2 nights, iniisip ko kc na bka mapamahal kme sa gastusin kc 2 lng kme. pumapayag b ung mga guide dun na makikisocials kme sa ibang group para makatipid din kame sa expenses? 🙂

    • Hello,Red!
      i’m sure you’ll have plenty of options.lalo na at maraming bagpackers nyan. What we did is we stayed at the SEGA guides group (at the post office), they suggest that we wait for other backpackers and join groups para lesser ang expenses. Hindi siguro kayo mahihirapan kasi marami pupunta dyan ngayon, friendliness and proper approach lang ang need. Enjoy Sagada!

    • Hi Red,
      Pwedeng pwde yun.ok lng sa kanila. we went last Feb 2014. 2 kami..nakisali kami sa group of lahat ng expenses ay hinati namin sa 8..mas tipid dba?.at mas maganda dahil may bago ka ng may bago ka na ring friends sa
      goodluck.and have a safe trip.

  10. Hi. Is it possible na huwag ng kumuha ng guide? We’re planning our trip sa september so inaalam ko na expenses ngayon pa lang, thanks!

  11. hi , violetexplorer
    saan guesthouse maganda at mura?? i am planning to go on april 26 -29 , solo lang. I am not going to any cave in Sagada, more on nature/ sightseeing lang.

  12. I am planning to go there from manila-banaue-bontoc-sagada and return sagada-baguio-manila.
    I have been to Bontoc before late 90’s pa. kaya I want to visit Sagada this time

  13. Hi Violet,

    Love the name. Haha. Anyway, for the expenses you included here, I would just like to clarify. Say for example, the fee for the van rentals that is 500php for 1-10pax. What if there will only be two of us? The fee would still be 500php or they need to have 10?

    Thank you. Great blog, btw! 🙂

    • Thanks,Max! i hope this blog did help… 🙂
      still 500 for 2 pax and it’s ready to go… but if you wish to spend less, you can join other groups and split the cost. If 10 pax that would be 50 pesos per person.

      Go see PH! go see sagada! ♡

      • Hi maam, tanong ko lang po. Ckming from davao city pa kasi kami. We have a scheduled trip to sagada on november 2015.. We’ll be arriving in manila from davao at around 11pm, and balak naming dumiretso na ng byahe to sagada. May i ask kung anong travel route the best na kunin? And also, yun po bang mga tour guides sa caves, san sila pwedeng makontak? Dun po ba mismo sa guesthouse may mag o offer na? It’ll be my first time to go to sagada and i will be traveling with my hubby and pne of my friends. Thank you for the reply!

  14. Hello! Can you specify where exactly you booked (for the kiltepan trip)? How did you reserve for the van transpo going to kiltepan? How many hours was your travel time? Thank you so much! Your urgent reply will be a lot helpful since im planning to visit this weekend.

  15. So basically po optional lang yung mga “Incidentals” na andito sa blog po diba? Tsaka yung 5866php na total thats for 2 backpackers na po diba or hindi? Yung itinerary nyo po kasi yung ifofollow namen for our trip this august sobrang helpful nya. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello alexandra! Wow! Thanks!
      For 1 person lang po. That is my expenses alone. You can definitely save if you have greater number of companions,divide the room rates,rent of vehicle and even meals.
      Enjoy Sagada!

  16. Hi.. we are planning to go to sagada this sept., kaso may asthma ung hubby ko, marerecommend mo ba sa amin ang sagada or wag na dahil mapapagod lang sya at masasayang lang ang bakasyon?..

  17. Nice blog Violet.. 😊😊
    Balak ko pumunta sa Sagada sa Nov 9-nov 11 ng ako lang magisa..
    Kinakabahan ako pero mas malaki ang excitement ko.. 😁😁😁
    Thanks sa itinerary budget mo, sana makauwepa ako sa Manila hahaha

  18. Hi ms. Vioet! Thanks for your helpful blog.😊 I have questions to ask. We are planning to go to sagada on jan.2016. We would like to get the tour with acccommodation w/o roundtrip transpo. from manila since we’re more comfortable on bus rather than vans from manila to sagada. My question is, would commuting around sagada (attractions) be easy for us? Since the tour provider tell us it will be more on walking and commuting in our case? Isn’t very tiring? Thanks in advance! 😊

    • Thanks for your reply ms. Violet. I already saved the roadmap you posted. It will be helpful for us on our trip to sagada.. Thanks a lot 😊 Looking forward for your more travel blogs.😉

  19. Hi violet,ask q lng po kung magknu lhat laht ng expenses nio,from transpo,food,tour ,tour guide,accomodation, and other expenses ? 🙂

      • Hi ms. Violet!
        Ask q lng po kc wer planning to go in sagada with my hubby and frnds.actually im frm nueva vizcaya pro nvr been der to sagada,is it possible to go der na my srili kming van kht na first timer ung driver nmin?ndi po b delikado ung road?or better wil ryd a bus?tnx

  20. Please let me know if there is a group of backpackers that I can join on Jan 21-23, 2016 in Banawe , Batad and or Sagada. Thank you so much for your immediate response. Happy New Year!

  21. Hello Ms. Violet. My bf and I are planning to go to Sagada with a motorbike. Is it safe? Another thing, mas maganda po ba na magpabook kami online ng pwedeng ma stayhan dun? Gagayahin lang po sana naming yung IT nyu ditto during your travel.. saan po ba pwedeng makahanap ng tourguide pagdating na namin ng Sagada? Thank you.

    • I really have no experience with motorbikes in Sagada, but most of the locals use it. Anyways, are we talking of manila goin to sagada? Malamotorcycle dairies ang dating, that’s awesome.
      Safe to book online or maybe call/text for reservations. Hindi naman siguro mauubusan ng pwede pagstayan dun unless peak season.
      Sure. Use it as your guide and i also have a blog post about our sagada tour and where we stayed and almost about everything that happened on that trip. Here

      • Thank you po for the reply. We will be traveling from Tarlac to Sagada po Ms. Violet this coming March 26-29.. 26th is a Good Friday po. Is it really safe to travel there with a motorbike? My friends told me that it would be risky daw kasi po maxadong makapal po ang fog dun.:)

      • Holy week pala. Early reserve for a place to stay.
        The risk is always present. Naadvise kn pala ng mga kaibigan mo… so, nasasa iyo na tlg yun decision.

        enjoy sagada! 🙂

  22. Hi ms. Violet, malaking tulong po ang blog mo specially sa aming newbie na papunta palang sa Sagada. Ask ko lang po kaya po ba ng 14years old mag ikot sa sagada? Plan namen this holy week pumunta. Thank you

    • thanks, mai. pwede siguro kung nakamind-set na sa bata na malayo ang lalakarin, mainit, nakakapagod at nakakagutom ang lahat ng activities sa sagada. sagad tlg sa pagod ang mga activities dun. Masmaganda ang activities para sa mga magkakaibigan at couple.

  23. Hi, babyahe po kami this weekend, back packers lang 2 kami ng GF ko. May idea na po kami for transpo, ANgconcern ko po pagdating dun sa Sagada meron hu ba mga walk in na pag stayhan namin and kelangan ba ng tour guide? Need help Thanks

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