NOTE: This itinerary is not the actual expenses of the Banaue-Sagada Adventure. This is a sample itinerary, it was a guide to Violet and her 3 other companions. To see the actual Banaue-Sagada (Click Here)

Explore Banaue, Sagada and side-trip Baguio 2013 (May 20-22)

Sagada Tour 

  • 2 Days Tour at Kiltepan, Echo Valley, St Mary’s Church, Big Falls (BOMOD-OK Falls), Pottery House, Sagada Weaving, –Sumaguing Cave and Rock inn/Orange Farm

TRANSPORTATION = approx 1,315 

A. Manila-Sagada
– Manila to Banawe: 450
– Banawe to Sagada: 200

B. Sagada- Manila
– Sagada- Baguio Fare: Php220
– Victory Liner Baguio to Manila: 445

Room/house (400/2 nights)
 Canaway Rest House, 0920-7592039 / 0910-7092631

Foodies: Breakfast: egg, bread, rice, tuyo, canned goods, noodles (house) or dine outside

Lunch and Dinner
1. Lemon Pie: This food establishment is popular for, you guess it, lemon pies. They also serve other desserts like blueberry pies and egg pies. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner meals as well. Free wi-fi with a minimum order of Php200. 25/pie

2. Salt n PepperOwned by the charming couple Safe and Andrew Pekas, this restaurant is one of the few establishments that open early to serve food to hungry tourists. Free wifi. 100+ up to 200+/meal

3. Yoghurt House: If you are in search for a healthy fix, head out to Yoghurt house where they serve salads, pasta and of course yoghurt with fruits in season. 50/yoghurt

Sagada Tour Proposed Itinerary:
Day 00 (May 19)
8pm Call-time
9:00-10:00 Departure

Day 01 (may 20)
7:007:30am Estimate time of arrival at Banaue (450pesos)
9:30: Banawe- Bontoc TOPLOAD (150)
10:00: Bontoc Museum (60)
and Walter Rice Meal: Red Rice, Fried Egg, Fried Chicken, 2 Slices of Porkchop and Vegetables (90)
11:00-12:00: Bontoc – Sagada TOPLoaD (45)
1:00 – 3:00 House Haunting (400/night) and Lunch at Salt & Pepper or Yoghurt House (150) and plenty of rest
0300pm Proceed to Lumiang Cave and Sumaguing Cave for normal caving (125/pax)

Kindly check for theproper attire:

0500pm Estimated time of return from the cave
0530pm Back to Lodging (Wash up) and rest
0700pm Dinner (on own pax account) (150pesos)
(pain-reliever is advisable at all cost)

Day 1 expenses: 1620 pesos

Day 02 (May21)
0500am Wake-up call. Breakfast (own account) (150)
0600am Proceed to Kiltepan for Sunrise Viewing (Optional)
0700am Start of Bomod-Ok Falls Trek
1100am Lunch at Rock Inn Farm (On pax own account) (200)
1200pm Visit the Orange Orchard at Rock-Inn Farm (50)
01:30pm Visit Sagada weaving and Pottery
02:00pm St. Mary’s Church, Bokong (Small) Falls, Underground River, lake danum  and Echo Valley, Ganduyan Museum (where the hanging coffins are located)
04:00pm Rice planting activities (request it from the tour guide)
0700pm Dinner and Rest (On pax own account) (150)
(pain reliever is advise)
Environmental Fee – 35/pax

choose your tour guide:
optional but highy reccomended: Vehicle 1800 + 1200 tour guide (750/each)

Day 2 expenses: 1335
Day 03 (May22)
0600am Proceed to Kiltepan for Sunrise Viewing (Optional) 
7:00: breakfast (150)
8:00am Pasalubong hunt (300)
9:00am check out travel to baguio (220)
1100am Lunch  ans sight-seeing Baguio Ben cab museum or la trinidad strawberries (150)
1:20pm Baguio -Manila (445)
7:20 Arrival

Day 3 expenses = 1265 pesos


Summary= 1620 pesos + 1335 pesos + 1265 pesos = 4220 pesos

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