Taste of Sagada: Hot Porridge (Lugaw/Arroz caldo) and Suman

Woke up in a lovely cold Sagada morning (6 AM), craving for something hot to eat, Len and Violet decided to get out and have a breakfast downhill but not a single store and restaurant is open. Sagada loves waking up late. Where will you find porridge/lugaw in a cold place like this?

Taddah!  An answer is here!

Location: At GL Bus Terminal, St. Mary the Virgin Church and the hospital

Food & Prices: 

Arroz Caldo with egg and chicken for 45 pesos
Arroz caldo wtih egg for 25 pesos
coffee for 10 pesos
suman for 5 pesos each

hot porridge

Review: Porridge taste good. Good breakfast for the cold weather in Sagada and opens very early, serving breakfast for hungry visitors (most of restau and eatery opens 7 or 8 in the morning). Very affordable and sales ladies were very kind to answer every inquiry. Coffee is not so good according to Len.

After the breakfast, time for some sight-seeing. Visit St. Mary the Virgin church  and echo valley. Try this!

st. mary the church and the echo valley

Just follow the path walk that leads to the cemetery, you’ll need to pass by it, and continue to walk for 5 minutes and try to shout. If it echoes, you’re on the right place. 🙂

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