October last year, the National Museum had opened its doors free to public and we didn’t missed it. Believing in a simple fact of life: best things in life are free.
FIRST VISIT: Oct 25, 20012
SECOND VISIT: Oct 31, 2012

This year you can visit it for free during the Museums and Galleries Month, see my post. 🙂
Free entrance to the museum and galleries of the National Museum of the Filipino People the whole month of October 2013.

SPOLIARIUM- the biggest painting I ever saw in my entire life. I was overwhelmed really. Never thought that this was huge (should’ve listened attentively to my history teachers).

Spoliarium is a Latin word referring to the basement of the Roman Colosseum where the fallen and dying gladiators are dumped.

Fascinating manunggul jar excavetad at Manunggul cave at Palawan but you don’t really need to fly to Palawan. Just visit and see it for yourself at the National Museum.

The gallery for national treasures, view it 360 degrees here.

Do you have an eye for artistry? Test it with all the galleries from paintings to sculpture, like this one.

This seems creepy when Jose Rizal (painting) is looking. A gallery all for himself.

Amorsolo – the National Artist. A gallery of some of his sketches and paintings.

This is my most favorite gallery, the evolution of medicine in the Philippines expressed in huge artistic works.

Don’t mess with this big guy here. See his boney mates at the Bones gallery.

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