Credits: Len Flores

Kiltepan Sunrise. Credits: Len Flores

Explore Banaue, Sagada and side-trip Baguio 2013 (May 20-22)

Sagada Tour 

  • Tour at Kiltepan, Echo Valley, St Mary’s Church, Big Falls (BOMOD-OK Falls), Sumaguing Cave, Lumiang Cave, Hanging Coffins, Ganduyan Museum and Rock inn/Orange Farm
Ohayami bus. Manila to Banaue Route.

Ohayami bus. Manila to Banaue Route.


A. Manila-Sagada
– Manila to Banawe: Php 450
– Banawe to Sagada: Php 300

B. Sagada- Manila
– Sagada- Baguio Fare: Php 220
– Baguio Taxi to terminal: Php 25 (actual 50 pesos)
– Victory Liner Baguio to Manila: 445


DAY 00 (May 19, 2013)

9:00 PM: Departure (450)
11:00 PM: Stopover Bulacan

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces

Day 01 (May 20, 2013) 

3:00 AM: Stopover Aritao Nueva Vizcaya
6:00 AM: Arrival – BANAUE (A quickie tour in Banaue… click here)
7:00 AM: Breakfast at People’s Restaurant (90 pesos)
8:00 AM: Roaming around
8:30 AM: Leave Banaue via van (300)
8:40 AM: Banaue View Point
Optional/ Incidental: buy souvenirs: bag *(130), magnets *(150), keychains *(100), read more about bargaining and tip for Igorot elders *(50)

9:00 AM: Travel to Sagada
10:16 AM: Passed by Bontoc
11:44 AM: Arrived in SAGADA; Stayed in Sagada Guesthouse (700)
Room rates: 900 pesos/night (for 1 double bed, 1 single bed, private bathroom). But with haggling, got it for 700 pesos/night. Paid 1400 for 2 nights. 700 pesos each person. there are economy room for 200/night.

1:00 PM: Lunch at Pepper and Salt (160) and Lemon House Pie (60)
2:00 PM-3:00 PM: rest at the guesthouse
3:00 PM: Cave connection with Violet, Len, Jun and Kim and Hanging coffins view deck (500/each)
Cave connection for 400 pesos each while normal caving 200 pesos

Service ride back-and-forth: 500 pesos (highly recommended, activity is too tiring; if you like walking it would take 40 mins away from the information center).

Proper Attire: http://www.saggas.org/2009/09/spelunking-attire.html

7:30 PM: End of caving/spelunking
7:30-8:00: quick shower
8:150 PM: Dinner at Sagada Homestay Diner (too hungry, too tired forgotten the price list and menu; approx 170) I paid for 155. (155)
chicken bbq with rice (150), hot chocolate/milo (20) and water (45)
Bill is 805. Sir june paid for 500 and ate Len and Violet split the 305.
9:00 PM: curfew
9:30 PM: walked home dead tired and sleepy

EXPENSES (for Day 00 to Day 1) =  2,415 pesos & Incidental: 470 pesos


Spelunking. Cave Connection. Credits: Len Flores

Day 02 (May 21, 2013)

6:00 AM: Walk looking for breakfast. Sagada is still asleep.
7:00 AM-7:30 AM: Porridge/ Lugaw Breakfast near GL us terminal (35)
Arroz caldo (with eggand chicken) for 45
Arroz caldo (with egg only) for 35

7:30 AM: Visit St. Mary’s Church and walk some more
7:40 AM: Went back to Sagada Guesthouse (change clothes)
8:00 AM: Ganduyan Museum (25) + donation *(25)
8:30 AM: Went to info center and met (Sir Lary, Sir Richard and Sir Joey) Bomod-ok falls and trekking (230)
Guide tours: 500 pesos (good for 1-10 people) Guide: Rainalyn
Service ride: 600 pesos (good for 1-10 people)
Baranggay fee: 10 pesos/ each

11:30 AM: Lunch at Pinikpikan House meal for 1,288 for 7 people  (184/each)
1:00 PM: Deliver Sir Lary, Sir Richard and Sir Joey at Lumiang Cave
Incidentals: Tip for Rainalyn:* (100)
1 box of egg pie *(200) with 8 slices
1:15: Rest and Sleep at Sagada Guesthouse

3:30 PM: Seeing hanging coffins, weaving and pottery making, lake danum sunset for 400 pesos but it rained (cancelled) instead we buy pasalubong
Avoid Ganduyan Shop (very unfriendly), look for Seven J’s handicrafts & souvenirs in front of Masferre (opens at 7:30 AM)
bag: *(150) instead of 180
keychains:  3 pcs for *(100) pesos
t-shirts for (160) pesos instead of 170, *(320)

5:30 PM: Snack at Yoghurt House
Ate len’s treat: Chocolate chip yoghurt *(100) and hot choco big mug (90)
6:30: head back to guesthouse
8:00 PM: Dinner at Sagada’s Guesthouse Restau Pancake (90)
8:30 PM: Bathing

EXPENSES (Day 02) = 564 pesos & Incidentals: 895 pesos


Day 03 (May 22, 22013)

4:30 AM: Kiltepan Sunrise (500 service and guide) (250) + tip *(50)
6:00 AM: Rock Inn/Farming
6:30 AM: Echo Valley and Sagada Cemetery
7:00 AM: Lugaw Breakfast (35)+ *(45)
7:30 AM: Wash-up and check-out
8:00 AM: Departure to Baguio (220)


12:00PM: Benguet Stop-over (85) expensive tilapia and rice!
2:30 PM: Arrival in Baguio
3:00 PM: Arrival in Victory Liner (445) and Pasalubong
peanut brittle and chocoflakes *(100/3 containers) and jam *(200)
5:00PM: Pangasinan stopover
hotdog *(35) and donut *(12)
7:00PM: stopover in Tarlac
10:00 PM: Arrival in SM (fx 45)
11:19: Home-sweet-home

EXPENSES (Day 03)= 1080 pesos & Incidentals: 442 pesos

– – –

TOTAL EXPENSES (Day 00-03) = 4059

Incidentals = 1807

Grand total = 5866 pesos




NOTE: This itinerary is not the actual expenses of the Banaue-Sagada Adventure. This is a sample itinerary, it was a guide to Violet and her 3 other companions. To see the actual Banaue-Sagada (Click Here)

Explore Banaue, Sagada and side-trip Baguio 2013 (May 20-22)

Sagada Tour 

  • 2 Days Tour at Kiltepan, Echo Valley, St Mary’s Church, Big Falls (BOMOD-OK Falls), Pottery House, Sagada Weaving, –Sumaguing Cave and Rock inn/Orange Farm

TRANSPORTATION = approx 1,315 

A. Manila-Sagada
– Manila to Banawe: 450
– Banawe to Sagada: 200

B. Sagada- Manila
– Sagada- Baguio Fare: Php220
– Victory Liner Baguio to Manila: 445

Room/house (400/2 nights)
 Canaway Rest House, 0920-7592039 / 0910-7092631

Foodies: Breakfast: egg, bread, rice, tuyo, canned goods, noodles (house) or dine outside

Lunch and Dinner
1. Lemon Pie: This food establishment is popular for, you guess it, lemon pies. They also serve other desserts like blueberry pies and egg pies. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner meals as well. Free wi-fi with a minimum order of Php200. 25/pie

2. Salt n PepperOwned by the charming couple Safe and Andrew Pekas, this restaurant is one of the few establishments that open early to serve food to hungry tourists. Free wifi. 100+ up to 200+/meal

3. Yoghurt House: If you are in search for a healthy fix, head out to Yoghurt house where they serve salads, pasta and of course yoghurt with fruits in season. 50/yoghurthttp://www.traveling-up.com/food-trip-sagada/#more-3662

Sagada Tour Proposed Itinerary:
Day 00 (May 19)
8pm Call-time
9:00-10:00 Departure

Day 01 (may 20)
7:007:30am Estimate time of arrival at Banaue (450pesos)
9:30: Banawe- Bontoc TOPLOAD (150)
10:00: Bontoc Museum (60)
and Walter Rice Meal: Red Rice, Fried Egg, Fried Chicken, 2 Slices of Porkchop and Vegetables (90)
11:00-12:00: Bontoc – Sagada TOPLoaD (45)
1:00 – 3:00 House Haunting (400/night) and Lunch at Salt & Pepper or Yoghurt House (150) and plenty of rest
0300pm Proceed to Lumiang Cave and Sumaguing Cave for normal caving (125/pax)

Kindly check for theproper attire: http://www.saggas.org/2009/09/spelunking-attire.html

0500pm Estimated time of return from the cave
0530pm Back to Lodging (Wash up) and rest
0700pm Dinner (on own pax account) (150pesos)
(pain-reliever is advisable at all cost)

Day 1 expenses: 1620 pesos

Day 02 (May21)
0500am Wake-up call. Breakfast (own account) (150)
0600am Proceed to Kiltepan for Sunrise Viewing (Optional)
0700am Start of Bomod-Ok Falls Trek
1100am Lunch at Rock Inn Farm (On pax own account) (200)
1200pm Visit the Orange Orchard at Rock-Inn Farm (50)
01:30pm Visit Sagada weaving and Pottery
02:00pm St. Mary’s Church, Bokong (Small) Falls, Underground River, lake danum  and Echo Valley, Ganduyan Museum (where the hanging coffins are located)
04:00pm Rice planting activities (request it from the tour guide)
0700pm Dinner and Rest (On pax own account) (150)
(pain reliever is advise)
Environmental Fee – 35/pax

choose your tour guide: http://www.saggas.org/2009/08/saggas-members.html
optional but highy reccomended: Vehicle 1800 + 1200 tour guide (750/each)

Day 2 expenses: 1335
Day 03 (May22)
0600am Proceed to Kiltepan for Sunrise Viewing (Optional) 
7:00: breakfast (150)
8:00am Pasalubong hunt (300)
9:00am check out travel to baguio (220)
1100am Lunch  ans sight-seeing Baguio Ben cab museum or la trinidad strawberries (150)
1:20pm Baguio -Manila (445)
7:20 Arrival

Day 3 expenses = 1265 pesos


Summary= 1620 pesos + 1335 pesos + 1265 pesos = 4220 pesos


Banaue, Ifugao: Dreaming of a Dream

Traveling Luzon was not on the top-list of Violet. Why? Long hours of traveling on the road is not her thing, she is hyper and restless, and boredom often occurs to her in waiting too long. The farthest she had been was in Baguio and 6-hrs of sitting in a bus is really a pain in her ass. She’s anyway living in Luzon, that’s why she prefer Visayas or Mindanao, which can be reached by traveling in an airplane which is faster. Now, she is going North with her friend – Len. Learn what made her travel up and what adventure unfolds as they travel from Manila to Sagada.

Hagdan-handang Palayan ng Banaue or also known as the Banaue Rice Terraces is Violet’s childhood dream. She dream of becoming a Chemistry mobile teacher in Banaue, then maybe marry an Igorot and live a simple life with the view of the rice terrace. Probably she will never get that dream but at least she had seen the place and breathing in the what is left of that dream. This tour is part of Banaue-Sagada Adventure.


Being young, Violet was rebellious. She wanted freedom and she wanted to get that freedom by going to a far place. But life was unpredictable, some freedom are not exactly same with running away. Life could be difficult (for someone who is not rich) and deciding being a mobile teacher means lesser income as well. Reality strikes! That childhood dream had to be shoved into the box and find a job in the Metro.

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung, no wine untasted

~Excerpt from I dreamed a dream; Les Miserables

But some dreams are too strong, even if you ignore it for quite a long time, it will always finds it way to resurface.Through friends and people who (like Violet) has the passion to seek adventure and to travel, they had planned to visit Sagada. Finally, a way to pass by Banaue.???????????????????????????????

A month of preparation was done. Reading travel blogs and researching about the modes of transportation, transpo, food, hostel and attraction costs, when to visit (fixing everyone’s schedules), where to visit and to stay and all of the essential things to bring… Yes! It was decided to visit Sagada on May 20-22. After contemplating for about a month, an itinerary for four persons was made.


From 8 prospects of adventure mates, it was trimmed into 4 (a week before the trip) and a slash of 1 mate due to emergencies (2 days before the trip ) and ate Fe backed out (due to her migraine) on the night of the trip, and that’s it – Len and Violet are the last two standing. By hooked and by crooked, the adventure for 2 begun on the night of May 19, 9:00 PM and arriving in Banaue, 6 in the morning. Here is the itinerary  for Banaue-Sagada Adventure.

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces

Len & Violet at Banaue View Point

Len & Violet at Banaue View Point. Photo courtesy of Len Flores

Violet had made her dreams come true. She had seen the place she had been dreaming for so long now. Thanks to her travel buddy – Len for coming this long way. Adventures are worth sharing and if it wasn’t for Len, the trip will definitely had gone back to the box of shattered dreams. Thank God for friends. 🙂

See: A Quick Tour at Banaue Ifugao. Getting there, must see, the people and the experience. 


Quickie Banaue

Hagdan-handang Palayan ng Banaue or also known as the Banaue Rice Terraces is Violet’s childhood dream. She dream of becoming a Chemistry mobile teacher in Banaue, then maybe marry an Igorot and live a simple life with the view of the rice terrace. Probably she will never get that dream but at least she had seen the place and breathing in the what is left of that dream. This tour is part of Banaue-Sagada Adventure.


Banaue: As Our Eighth Wonder of the World.

Ohayami bus. Manila to Banaue Route.

Ohayami bus. Manila to Banaue Route.

Getting There: 

Take Ohayami bus located at Cor. J. Fajardo St., Lacson AveFare: 450 pesos and leaves at 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM daily (reserve if possible).

Stop-overs: Bulacan and Nueva Vizcaya.

Driver and ticket conductor is very friendly and helpful. They let us took the 9:00 PM bus even if our tickets is for 10:00 PM. The bus is not spacious but we’re seated well, it’s just that we cannot sleep at night especially in a bus ride.

Must See/Saw:

  • Batad Rice Terraces and Bangaan Rice Terraces declared as World Heritage Sites.
  • Banaue View Point: Take snapshots of the famous Banaue rice terraces. Find elderly Igorots and take photos of them. Buy souvenirs and try Igorot wooden bikes. 
  • Museum of Banaue View Inn: Founded by American anthropologist Dr. Otley Beyer, the first to study the Ifugao culture. Open by request.
  • Museum of Cordillera Sculpture: This museum by collections runs exclusively on the generosity of the Schenk and Ida family, donations and the 100 pesos admission fee. Located next to Spring Village Inn and is open from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • Tappiyah Falls: A 45 minutes to and hour walk from Batad Village..
  • Chapah Waterfalls: Located in Bocos Village.

Ifugao elders

 Violet and Len (her travel buddy) arrived 6AM in Banaue, one-hour ahead of schedule. The town is still sleeping and the only thing left to do is to roam around and find a place to eat breakfast.

People’s Restaurant

The staff are very accommodating and will certainly entertain every request if possible. Just like if you need the map of Banaue for 25 pesos (Violet collects maps of the places she visits), if you need your cellphones to be recharge and if you want to roam around, you can leave your bags with them, as well. They are also very fluent in english which is quite admiring, too. Anyways, this is our Dansilog breakfast for 90 pesos and the menu/price list.

Dansilog of people's  restaurant in Banaueprice list of menu of people's restaurant

Since the van were still waiting for other passengers, Violet and Len took their time to enjoy the veranda view showcasing the town of Banaue and its landscape, and later went for a walk to a bridge near the place (seen in the picture).

Banaue Rice Terraces view from the veranda

View of BanaueBanaue Town Proper

Playing at the Bridge

The bridge is mainly used to connet and access the other side of the town proper. Once the town wake up, there are lots of things you can see specially in the market place.

Photo courtesy by Len Flores

Violet at the Bridge Len at the Bridge

Here are some of Violet’s shots at the bridge:

Banaue bridgeFish pond near the bridgeBanaue bridge crossingCrossing Banaue bridge

Banaue View Point

By 8:30AM, the van is ready to go. For about 10 minutes we arrived at the view point. Here you’ll find a better panoramic view of vast terrain land of Banaue. Find elderly Igorots and take photos of them/with them, try out the peace sign which is cute in the picture below (with donations). Buy souvenirs and try Igorot wooden bikes. DSLR Photos courtesy from Len Flores, captured by Violet.



Meet Pascal, a French backpacking world traveler. He’s staying in the Philippines for 21 days and his first PH journey is in Banaue-Sagada.

While here are some of the souvenirs found in the area (Violet’s photos):

923110_10152464960037925_83087371_n 292951_10152464960767925_446525004_n 575580_10152464960872925_1100205335_n 970287_10152464960577925_1768135104_n 292954_10152464961347925_2109925802_n

Haggling Tip: Bargain to save money, this is an essential skill needed in traveling in the Philippines.

  • The round woven bag cost 150, with haggling, get it for 130. In Sagada, it cost 180. The bigger bags are cheaper in Sagada (see Sagada Adventure). 
  • The key chains 3 pieces for 100 pesos, with haggling, 4pcs/ 100 pesos.
  • Ref Magnets cost 120 pesos, get it for 100. Smaller ones for 80 and get it for 50.

Violet and Len didn’t got their chance on seeing the 2 museums, even the Bontoc museum which 2-3 hrs travel away from Banaue. In order to enjoy more of Banaue and see the famous Batad, at least stay about a day or two which definitely on Violet’s travelogue list now.

Next destination is Sagada, Mountain Province. The van from Banaue cost 300 pesos which include the stopover at the Banaue View Point which passed b Bontoc and headed to Sagada.