How To A Book CebuPac Flight When You Don’t Have A Credit Card?

Every time I receive a Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Alert, I always on check it because I might possibly book one for I love traveling and flying. But what do you if you want to book a flight but you don’t have any credit card like me?

It is simple as a breeze, here are some ways for us to enjoy Cebu Pacific Seat Sale without the dilema of having a credit card:

1. Select on the flights that you want. It is way much easier if you are a cebupac member already.

2. Fill in the Geust/s Details.

3. Fill in your Add-ons *optional

4. Choose a Seat/ Don’t choose at all

5. Now, for the payments, Choose Payment Centers and choose any of this:
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Another work related adventure.
But I had inserted tips and budget-friendly reminders just in case you want to visit the Hacienda Escudero.

Photo 1: Rates
Photo 2: Church or Museum?
Photo 3: Omnipresence
Photo 4: Great interiors
Photo 5: Flower Plant
Photo 6: Hey it’s ME! What to bring for an adventure?
Photo 7: What is your favorite color?
Photo 8: Mossy
Photo 9: Is it me or is it just all pink?
Photo 10: not for hire
Photo 11: Rafting
Photo 12: Drink for a summer day
Photo 13: Instagram


???????????????????????????????CORON PALAWAN 2013

“One day. I’m gonna be back in this place. I hope that it will still be the place I fell in love with.” ~ Violet Explorer

DIY Coron
March 4-7, 2013
by Violet Explorer

Before flying to Coron, you must prepare early for a place to stay at, for your tours and other expenses. I say Coron is a lovely place to visit, there are so many things to explore and every… See More: Why I love Coron Palawan


Puerto Princesa Palawan

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Arriving in an awesome afternoon at Puerto Princesa Internaional Airport together with a larger group of 5. First things first, I went to the city tourism office to get my map. And the not-so-friendly lady in the office is not well equipped in her post. She didn’t have a map at her desk and she had to search to the inner office for it and when she got back (after 5mins or so…), she handed me a single map and I asked another for my cousin which is also with me at the office. tsk tsk! If I am Mayor Hagedorn I have her a surprised visit! hmf! Never mind her, I have to enjoy this trip!
And what I love about the MAP. Well, it is a huge map…. biggest of all the maps I had gathered. 🙂  Read More …