Traveling Up! Let’s go, Ilocandia!

DSC_3337 1Last year, Violet and Len traveled to Sagada and had a blast with their summer adventure. It was one adventure to remember! This year, the two will embark together with eleven more companions to continue to travel up further and see what Ilocos Region can offer. This is Summer Adventure Year 2!

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Ilocandia Triple 8 Travel & Tours Review

It was not hard to get to notice and to go to Ilocos especially with lots of ads from different tour agencies featuring it all over facebook. But you need to consider which one is legit and not and which among all of it best suits your travelling style.

Triple 8 Travels & Tours is a travel agency that arrange tours for local destinatons like Ilocos, Baler, Banaue-Sagada, Bohol, Cebu, Palawan, etc. Providing good service and cheapest packages. Read More… 

triple 8Itinerary 

They had their suggested Ilocos itinerary given as soon as we had deposited half of the said amount for the tour for reservations. It was a good list and almost every tourist spots other tour agencies are offering. Take note it is a suggested itinerary, changes can always happen.

And also if you are planning to visit any place, it won’t hurt to research on what to expect and what to bring. Click here for the itinerary.

Van & Driver

Violet had so much fun with their Hi-Ace van. It has cool LCD screens to receive calls, the flat screen television for playing videoke and movies, lots of cell phone cables for charging, reclining seats, can arrange where to pick up guest by request and fast-driving driver, too. I just didn’t like the much of waiting for other vans especially without our driver telling us what we are actually waiting for (which happened for 2-3 times the entire trip).

DSC_2678 1Guesthouse

I love Cristobal Guesthouse in Pagudpud, especially the owner Ate Marleen (Maja Salvador’s relative) and his husband who made us feel so much at home. Giving us every request we had. I love the breakfast scrambled egg, tocino and tuyo. It’s just that our room key is missing so we need to leave our things in our room with no lock but no harm was done to our things. This not a hotel or anything similar to hostels.

DSC_3361 1

OVER-ALL: Cheapest of all tour found in the internet. 3 * * * out of 5. Friendly staff. Recommending it all to good-to-go, kind-hearted and not-so-maarte traveler. Violet had no objections with anything written on their triple 8 travel & tours’ page and what she had experienced but she’s still looking for that missing WOW factor that no other group tours can offer like the trivia and facts about the places they’d visited, things to look out for which is not actually included on the itinerary, teaching guest the customs and traditions of Ilocos Region, telling some history and exciting stories, some cool stuffs, dialect translations, jokes, etc. This is something they can actually work on to improve their services. Violet is not just about the sites but more of it stories.

Here are their infos, if you’ll visit Ilocos:

Triple 8 Travel & Tours Website: http://www.triple8travel.com/

GLOBE: 0926-631-6918 /0917-388-3541
SUN: 0933-472-3585
SMART: 0928-934-3069
LANDLINE: 02-831-0880/ 02-509-0531/02-507-4164
EMAIL: info@triple8travel.com
EMAIL: triple8travelandtours@gmail.com