Puerto Princesa Palawan

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Arriving in an awesome afternoon at Puerto Princesa Internaional Airport together with a larger group of 5. First things first, I went to the city tourism office to get my map. And the not-so-friendly lady in the office is not well equipped in her post. She didn’t have a map at her desk and she had to search to the inner office for it and when she got back (after 5mins or so…), she handed me a single map and I asked another for my cousin which is also with me at the office. tsk tsk! If I am Mayor Hagedorn I have her a surprised visit! hmf! Never mind her, I have to enjoy this trip!
And what I love about the MAP. Well, it is a huge map…. biggest of all the maps I had gathered. 🙂  Read More …