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For the love of exploration, we walk into the busy grounds of Roxas Boulevard, Luneta Park and Intramuros. This happens for 5-days of which attending a seminar in the morning and 5-days of exploring Manila in the afternoon (5 PM-onward). This is a part of the 5-Days Manila Challenge.


Here is an adaptation of the original Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends from United KingdomIt is found in the Philippines and a featured attraction in Luneta Park from which can try for a ride for a cheap fifty (50) peso fare and it will tour you around the park premise.

IMG_6195 Most of the attractions in the park have discounted rates for students, senior citizens and PWDs, and if I am not mistaken the ride will cost twenty (20) peso for them.

This attraction is not just for kids, but definitely for all ages. It is highly recommended for kids and kids-at-heart, and for those who don’t want to walk the long alleys of the park.

We didn’t have the chance to ride the train for it always goes to the opposite direction of where we are headed to.



For the love of exploration, we walk into the busy grounds of Roxas Boulevard, Luneta Park and Intramuros. This happens for 5-days of which attending a seminar in the morning and 5-days of exploring Manila in the afternoon (5 PM-onward). This is a part of the 5-Days Manila Challenge.

day 2 aLuneta Park or also know as Rizal Park, is named after the Philippines’ National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal. It is located in the heart of the city of Manila and situated adjacent to Roxas Boulevard, Intramuros, United Nations Avenue, Philippine National Museum and Luneta Grand Stadium. It’s been known for it’s old name “Bagumbayan” or Nuevo Barrio Paseo de la Luneta.

day 1 a

A masterpiece in bronze and granite designed by Swiss Dr. Richard Kissling.

The famous landmark for this park is the Rizal Monument (with bronze sculpture and granite-body) is among the most famous sculptural landmarks in the country. It is almost been a protocol to lay a wreath and to show respect for visiting dignitaries, and thus, honor guards from the Philippine Marines stands 14-hour days watching over monument for it is not merely the statue of the national hero, but also a burial site of his remains.


But aside from the monument, Rizal’s life and martyrdom is also been one of the attractions of the park for local and foreign visitors and with this, a deeper understanding of Dr. Jose Rizal’s life can be illustrated to all park goers. It situated at the left alley of the park facing Roxas Boulevard. Entrance Fee is twenty (20) pesos and ten (10) pesos for students, senior citizens and PWDs.


My Fatherland ador’d, that sadness to my sorrow lends,
Beloved Filipinas, hear now my last good-by!
I give thee all: parents and kindred and friends;
For I go where no slave before the oppressor bends,
Where faith can never kill, and God reigns e’er on high! ~ Jose P. Rizal

Upon entering the site, both engraved on the tiles is the “Mi ultimo Adios” and “My Last Farewell” written originally in Spanish by the hero himself at Fort Santiago on the eve of his assassination.


Things you should know about Gat Jose P. Rizal:

    • Who is Dr. José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda?
              Doctor           his profession (ophthalmologist) 
              Jose              San Jose, a festival season when he was born based on the calendar
              Protacio        based on the calendar, as well
              Rizal              based on his father’s last name,
                                    meaning “the green of young growth or green fields.”
              Mercado        means “market”
              Alonzo           based from his mother’s maiden name
              Realonda       came from his auntie (ninang)
              Pepe              nickname
              Laong Laan   pen name in La Solidaridad
  • What does Gat stands for? It is a title given to person who is regarded as a national hero, or to a person who has done greatness during his lifetime.
  • Rizal as a Discoverer: As an exile in Dapitan, he collected different kinds of species of animals which is named after him: Draco Rizali(Wandolleck), a specie of flying dragon, Rachophorous Rizali (Boetger), a hitherto unknown specie of toad and Apogonia Rizali (Heller), a small beetle.
  •  Founder: He founded La Liga Filipina, It involves those who wish to disrupt the oppression of the Spaniards, founded July 3, 1982 but last only 3 days for he is captured July 6, 1982.
  • Propaganda Movement Member:  A literary and cultural organization formed in 1872. Aiming for Legalization of Spanish and Filipino equality, abolition of the polo (labor service) and vandala (forced sale of local products to the government); freedom of speech, and recognition of human rights, et cetera.
  • Who killed Rizal? Rizal was killed by Filipino soldiers. Behind these soldiers were ranked Spanish soldiers who were pointing their riffles to the Filipino soldiers, if they will not shoot Rizal, they will be executed as well.
For more photos and information about Rizal Park, kindly visit my Facebook page: MARTYRDOM OF RIZAL & 5-Days Manila Challenge

A marker for the execution site.


Rizal as a Doctor


Rizal as a Student


La Liga Filipina and the Propaganda Movement


Here is a photo of me in the sculpture of Rizal and his mother. His mother telling a story about a moth who wants to go near the bright flames of a lamp.

Now this is my review:

I would like to congratulate the City of Manila for maintaining this historical site. It was a place rich of stories, sacrifices, love and hope for the nation and it was enlightening on my part to recall the life our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. It was a good review for the past history and Rizal subject I took more than six years ago.

I consider this as a place that reflects our never ending battle for sovereignty, freedom of expression, equality and recognition of human rights which the world should recognize. We are Filipinos and freedom is what we always fight for and worth-dying for.

A saying from Dr. Jose Rizal, “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan” for if we don’t look back on what are forefathers had fought for, we can never enjoy the freedom we had today. This is highly recommend this to local and foreign tourist.




WAWA DAM also known as Montalban Dam is found in the municipality of Rodriguez, Rizal. It near Avilon Zoo, so instead of going back home early, we went there to explore the place.

DSC02494Wawa dam features amazing rock formations (quite similar to the tall rocks of Puerto Princesa and Coron), boulders of white rocks are everywhere which makes the place picture perfect, a man-made falls, caves, other attractions like bamboo rafting and an old ruin building to give a 180 degree view of the whole place.

It is advised to wear comfortable clothes, bring snacks and water, wear rubber shoes or a sandals. Walking on top of the boulders might be slippery and an activity like this make you want to munch a little snack along the way.


DSC02516We did tried the bamboo rafting. I had tried it once at Villa Escudero and that experience is nice, so trying it here is a must. The girls tried it first and we are able to get back to the hut and then the guys follow. Now, we tried to raft together, all five of us towards the edge of the cliff and suddenly the wind blew hard and I thought it was the end of us.

DSC02521It is freaky scary to imagine what could happened to the five non-swimmer almost nearing to fall from the cliff. Of me holding the DSLR of Paolo (almost figuring how to save myself and the camera) but God is good, He won’t let anything bad happen and with the paddling of JC and Paolo, we had manage to get out of there. It was a fun day really. 🙂

For more photos, visit my facebook album: violetxplorer at wawa dam

For Sample itinerary, How to get there and for the rates, kindly check in here: DIY RIZAL DAY TOUR

Or kindly visit my facebook page: violetxplorer


How Do I Get to Travel for Less?


Going anywhere nowadays means you need money to get you on the road. But how will you do it for less?

I once wrote that I am not rich, I don’t have the traveling gear or equipment most travelers need, don’t own a DSLR camera but only a handed-down sony camera (with big black spot on the LCD) and I just borrow this pair of sandals from my brother (LOL) but for the love of exploring I invest my money in finding ways to get on the road or into the airplane.

Every time there’s a seat sale on cebu pacific (my travel partner, I wish…) or any metrodeal/ensogo/a-deals promos about educational tours , I try to analyze if that’s the cheapest they could give, and when it is, I go for it!.

How to do it? I try booking it first (experimenting) and paying via payment center (if I have the money and the companion for my trips).

When to do it? Whole-year-round would be perfect. I believe that the whole year is like summer in the Philippines and according to Paolo Coelho “that the whole universe will conspire just for my dreams to come true”. A weather is just a variable but my dreams are more powerful and with God’s providing hands, it will be done.

But bare in mind that most of my travels were early been booked (1-year maximum waiting time) because all are promo tickets. Thus, “Patience is a virtue.”

About to do it: One year or few months for preparation gives me time to search on the coolest places to explore. It also gives me time to reflect if I have enough money for the trip and if so, that also means I have to save all my pennies. To also devise a plan of not ditching my work and I also been thinking of how to make an extra income (any suggestions?)…

Now, it takes some courage to travel. Who wants to go with me? 🙂

“Travel is the only thing we buy that makes us richer.”

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Sample Itinerary & Budget for CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon

Day 1: Arrival MNL-CDO-BUKIDNON-CDO (Oct 5)
8:10-9:40: MNL-CDO (commute: approx P50; terminal fee:P200)
9:40-11:00: Ate Fe’s relatives (transpo P50)
11-12: Lunch P(50)
12-1:30pm: CDO-BKDNON travel bukidnon adventure and forest park (P150)
1:30-2:30: pineapple plantation/ buy pineapples (P150)
2:30-6:00pm: Dalihayan forest park and adventure park
–          Ziplines (P600)
–          treetop (P250)
6:00-7:00: return to CDO (P150)
8 or 9 pm: dinner and rest (P50)

Day 2: CDO-Camiguin-CDO (Oct 6)
6:00-730: port/ ferry terminal (approx P200)
7:30-9:00: travel by water
9:00-5:00pm: swim and tours
–          White sand beaches (P250)
–          Old volcano
–          Sunken cemetery (boat: P200)
–    lunch (P100)
–          Souvenirs/fruits: (P200)
–          Wash out time
5:00-6:00pm: return to CDO ferry (approx P200)
6-7:00: dinner (P50)

Day 3: CDO tour-Manila (Oct 7)
6-7: breakfast (P50)
7:00- 12:00: Macahambus zipline, caving and touring (P300, P200)
12:00-1:00 lunch (P50)
2:00-3:00: Souvenirs (P200)
– love gift: (P250)
3:00-4:00: airport (terminal fee P200)
6:10: CDO-manila (transpo P50)
7:00: dinner (P50)
Approx expenses = Php 4050


Puerto Princesa Palawan

Day 1: Arrival

5:15- 5:30 PM – straight to ate fishy’s relaties
6:30-7:00 – baker’s hill (pasalubong hunting) *free entrance
8:00-8:30 – ihawig firefly watching * 600/ boat good for 3 persons
9:30-10:00 – ka Inato restaurant (200/sharing)
10:30 – sleep

8:00-8:30: Palawan Museum *30 pesos
8:30-9:00: Mendoza park and city library * free
9:00-11: travel
11:00-12:30:00 – Ugong Rock/ spelunking/ zipline * 200 caving; zipline 250
12:30-1:00 – travel
1:00-2:00 – Sabang Beach Lunch
2:30-4:00 – PPUR tour *fee: 1,300
4:00-7:00 – back to puerto princesa city
7:00-8:00 – drop pipoint:  tiangge (buy pearls and pasalubong)
8:00-9:30: kinnabuch’s grill (try tamilok) * 200/ sharing
9:30-10:00 buy fruits
10:00 – home/ sleep

Day 3: Honda Bay

8:00-9:00 – buy snacks & food/ honda bay port *900 for near islands/ 1500 all islands (this depends on the weather conditions)
9:00-10:00 – Pambato Reef (50 fee)
10:00-12:00 – Luli Islands (spot the sand dollars) (50 fee)
12:30-1:00: Cowrie Island (lunch) (fee 75 but free if u avail their lunch)
1:00-4:00 – swim and snorkel
4:30 – honda bay port
5:30 city proper
6:00 – home (hate the rain)
8:00 PM dinner at Ka Lui restaurant is cancelled we can’t go out and we didn’t have any dinner
9:00 – sleep

Day 4: City Tour
8:00 – 8:15 – baywalk *free
8:15 -9:00 Cathedral *free
9:00-9:30 – Plaza Cuartel *free
9:30-10:00 – Special World War II Museum *30 pesos
10:00- 11:00 – tiangge for another pasalubong shopping
11:00-12:30 – Noki Nocs *99 pesos meal
1:20 – flight back to manila
Budget: Approx Php 5,000

– – – – – – –
Planned Itinerary

Day 1: Manila – Palawan (Nov 11, 2012)
4pm-6:15: Arrival staright to Ate Fe’s relative. (free stay)
7:00-8:30: baywalk (approx Php 20)
8:30-10:00: dinner @ Ka Lui Restaurant (approx. 200) and visit capitol (walking distance)
10: back to house (~20) and sleep
expenses: approx Php 240

Day 2: PPUR (Permit must be ready)

7-9:00: travelling (tour: Php 1300; inclusive of lunch, permit, envi fee, tour guide, aircon van)
9-3:00Pm: Underground River and Sabang Beach (Nov 12, 2012)
– Ugong cave and Sabang zipline (250 zipline + 200 caving)
other details:
200 Pesos/pax – Caving
+250 Pesos/pax – if you plan to go down via zipline
+200 Pesos/pax – if you plan to go down via rappeling
200 Pesos/pax – Rock Climbing with harness
– Swim (free)
– 45 mins PPUR (175 boat + 40 envi fee)
– Mangrove river (Php 150)

2-4:00: travel sabang to city
4:00 pm: city tour
– crocodile farm (approx 50)
– WWII Special Batallion Museum (Php30)
– Plaza Cuartel (free)
– pasalubong hunting (tiangge tiangge shop)
– Immaculate concepcion cathedral (free entrance)
7:00-8:00: dinner @ kinabuchs (~200 pesos/person)

expenses: 1300 + 450 + 50 + 30 +200= Php 2030

Day 3: Honda Bay Tour (Nov 13, 2012)
8:00-2:00pm: Honda bay (tour: 1300; inclusive of lunch, tour guide, entrance fees and envi fees, and aircon van)
(but for kuya ding, service is 500 back and forth; 1,100 for the boat and lets just bring our own food for lunch) 🙂
(approx Php 500/ person cheaper than 1,100 per person in tour)
– Pandan Island (fee: 100)
– Snake Island (45)
– Starfish Island (45)
– Bat Island (because of the countless bats inhabiting the island)
– Lu-li Island (which is visible only with low tide) * i hope we could see this
– Arreceffi Island (where Dos Palmas Resort is located)
– Senorita Island (a fish breeding site)
– Cowrie Island
– Cannon Island

2-5pm: mitra’s ranch, baker’s hill (dinner approx 150 php)
(pick-up by kuya ding and another tricycle; approx 100 pesos/person for the transpo service)
6:00-8:30: Ihawig Firely watching (Php200)
9 0r 10: house/sleep

expenses: 533 + 150 + 100 + 200 = approx Php 983

Day 4: City Tour-Manila
– Princess Eulalia Park (~10php)
– palawan museum (Php 35 + 8 pesos fare)
– Coliseum Park (10php)
– Pasalubong hunting

expenses: 10 + 43 + 10 = approx Php 63

Total Approx expenses: 240 + 2030 + 983 + 63 = ~ Php 3,316
additional: airline tickets (varies)


My Awesome 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012
There are lots of things I am thankful to God for my 2012.
First, is simply because that the world didn’t end and second, I am alive! 😀

I want to start this blog by saying, what if I never dared to get out?
If I didn’t started to challenged myself and let people dictates for what I should become. Would I arrived at the places I least expected myself to be?
I am really thankful for what change 2012 had given me.

A life is too short if we don’t live it the way we should have lived it. I did saw God’s love for us wherever my feet took me.

I am very grateful for the companions that had been part of my adventures,
(lein, daisy, avi, fe, may, divina, bernadette, jc, mami, florielyn, sunshine, marion, julius, FB friends, tour guides, ate fe’s relatives and friends, etc.)
including every person unnamed I met along my trails. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Here are the list of why my 2012 had been awesome:

My Dream Places to Visit
When I was younger I really wanted to see the Rice Terraces in Ifugao,
it is very famous back then as one of the seven wonders of the world.
I dream of teaching there and be one to plant rice in their vast fields.
Yet, I haven’t been there. One main reason for the delay is the long-road to travel and the lack of a good companion to tag along.
Now, given the chance for plane tickets sales made me decide to travel first in VisMin instead of Luzon, and lucky timing to have good friends who enjoys adventures, too. I prioritize the places that captures my interest. 🙂

Here are the lists of the many places I’ve seen this year:

1. Cebu: Sky Experience Adventure @ the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers: Sky Walk Extreme, Edge Coaster, Tow Zip and Cable Lift

2. Bohol: Danao Adventure Park, Dagohoy Monument, Chocolate Hills, Man-Made Forest, Tarsier Conservation Area, Loboc Hanging Bridge, Loboc Floating reastaurant at Loboc River and the Baclayon Church

3. Quezon National Forest Park, Atimonan, Quezon: Mt. Pinagbanderahan and Bantakay Falls

4. Aklan:
– Kalibo: Visit the relatives of Dadi, Bakawan Eco-Park, Gaisano Mall
– Libacao: cross Libacao River, Hacienda Alejandra
– Caticlan: Visit Boracay, Island Cove, Puka beach

5. Davao:
– Davao del Sur: Eden Nature Park, Phil. Eagle Center, Malagos Garden, Penong’s Grill, People’s Park, Camp Sabros, Kapatagan: Zip line and Cable Lift, Kublai Park and Jack’s Ridge Restaurant
– Davao del Norte: Samal Island: Hagimit Falls, Maxima Aqua Fun and Monfort Bat Cave

7. Cagayan de Oro: Capitol Univeristy Museum, Gaisano Mall, Macahambus Cave and Zip-line, Tree-top, Rapeling Adventure Park

8. Camiguin Island: Katibawasan Falls, Ardent Hinok-Hibok Spring Resort, White Island, Old Volcano, Walkway to the Old Volcano and stations of the Cross, Old Church Ruins, Sunken Cemetery, and Giant Clam Sanctuary.

9. Puerto Princesa Palawan: Baker’s Hill, Ihawig Firefly & Bakawan Eco-park, Ka inato, Palawan Museum, Palawan Public Library, Mendoza Park, Ugong Rock Adventure Zip-line and Spelunking, Sabang Beach, Monkey Trail, Puerto Princesa Underground River, Tiange, Kinabuch Grill and restaunrant, Honda Bay: Pambato Reef, Luli Island, Cowrie Island, Chinese-Buddhism Temple, City Baywalk, Plaza Cuartel, Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral, Plaza Cuartel, Special WW-II Batallion Museum and Noki Nocs.

I had fun with different zip-lines:
One day, I just realized I just want to jump, let go and simply fly. 🙂
– Suislide @ Danao, Bohol
– Ugong Rock Adventure Zip-line @ Tagbinet, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
– Macahambus Zip-line @ Cagayan de Oro
– Camp Sabros Zip-line @ Digos City, Davao del Sur
– Tower Zip & Sky Lift @ Sky Experience Adventure, Crown Regency Hotel and Towers, Cebu City
– La Mesa Ecopark Zip-line @ Quezon City

Museum Trips and the like

1. Mind Museum @ Taguig
2. Capitol University Museum @ Cagayan de Oro
3. Q.C. Science Interactive Museum @ Pag-asa, Q.C.
4. NIDO Science Discovery Center @ MOA
5. Robot Zoo @ MOA
6. National Museum of the Filipino People @ Manila
7. Museo Pambata @ Manila
8. Palawan Museum @ Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Amusement and Entertainment
2012 had made me not just travel places but also gave me time to bond with my Mami and friends. I really want to explore and encouter new things. I want to revisit the old places I’ve already been to. I want to see all the movies in cinemas and old movies I had missed. And here are some of my 2012 compilations of events:

1. ECOPARK EXTREME: TOgether with my UP classmates, we did paintball firing, wall climbing and double zip-lining. (Jan. 21)
2. MUSIC BANK: Sing-a-Long with Lein, Daisy and Avi @ Timog. That is my first time to visit Timog. hehehe…
3. OCEAN PARK with Mami: We visited their main attractions namely Oceanarium, sea lion show, jellies, fish spa, the trails of Antartica, snow village and musical fountain show.
4. ASIAN GHOST HOUSE @ OCEAN PARK: Together with Daisy and Lein, we celebrated Halloween. By just running and screaming.

Food Party and Pigging-Out
the love for good food. How come it is easier to have relationship with food than with people? LOL. Here are some of the few list of new places and new food and beverages I had for 2012.
Warning: Some are highly addictive.
CAKES, CAKES, CAKES for my 26th Birthday

So Many First Time
2012 made me experienced many first and here are the good list:

1. First flight in an airplane (with my own memory).
When I was 1-year old we did went to Aklan but I don’t have a memory of it, so technaically I can’t call it my first flight.
so, the first flight happened jan 7, 2012. In NAIA 3 bound to CEBU.

2. First Sand Dollar
A science teacher always encounter the term sand dollar, it is an animal.
Yet, when I did first saw it at Luli Island, Palawan… I never knew that it was already it. 🙂
I just thought a shell with a star. LOL!

3. First Ride in a Fast Craft and Barge
I don’t know how to swim but I never feared travelling thru seas.
And these two first times had made me call all the angels and my God. hehe…
– The fast craft encountered a huge wave caused by the crossing Super Ferry. Huge waves slammed. I thought we are going to die.
– The Barge from Camiguin Island to CDO, to rocky with water waves caused by bad weather. And We had brought along 22 Kilos of Lanzones back and
we are already thinking how to save the box full of lanzones, just in case the barge sinks. LOL!

4. First time to be late in a flight and have to rebook it.
Yeah! Waste of money! We are bound to CDO but I was late because of the long line of people to ride the MRT. 😦

5. First Paulo Coelho
I was a huge fan of the Alchemist but I just borrowed it when I had read it, and same with The Pilgrimage.
This time, I had Aleph. My first of his book.

6. First Tree-Top Adventure
I had always wanted to try this in Subic. Lucky, there is also in CDO @ MAcahambus Adventure Park and I had my uncle (Tito Rey) and his co-worker to join me in my adventure. 🙂

7. First Tree Rapeling
A century old tree. A rapel. It all happened in CDO. 🙂
Rapeling down a old and very tall tree.
Amazing view and experience!

8. First Spelunking
– Island Cove @ Boaracay, Aklan. Not so much for a cave but still a cave. Followed by Macahambus Cave and Ugong Rock.

9. First Climb
I thought I would never make it alive. The climb happened in Sierra Madre Mountains, with my college friends we went to see Mt. Pinagbanderahan.
it was a fun experience and very new to me. Met lots of good people from different walks of life but with one passion to travel and seek addventure.
It was really great and I would like to try it again soon.

10. First Waterfalls
The Bantakay falls after our Mt. Pinagbaderahan trasnverse. Very Magical moment, I just couldn’t believe what was before my eyes.
I wish had swam acrooss it but I was too chicken to dare. But stil the memories of it lingers to every corners of me. 🙂

11. First Director’s Cut Movie
Nothing so special just a movie while seating on a very soft couch. Entertainment with luxury. LOL!

12. First Credit Card
Oh yeah! CC! But I don’t use it, I am so scared to buy something I had no money intended for buying anything.
I knew myself – a compulsive buyer. So, I don’t dare use it.

13. First to Save
It is my very first time to save with a real passbook and not just piggy banks. Though, I still have 4 piggy banks. LOL!

14. First SLEEP OVER in an AIRPORT?
January 07, 2012: It was my first time to sleep in the benches of an airport together with my friends (Lein, Daisy and Avi).
From midmight to 5 A.M., just to make sure it was safe for four girls to travel cebu. 🙂

15. First Time in that “H-O-T-E-L”
Together with Lein, Daisy and Avi, we entered and experienced “THE HOTEL”.
Well, it seems ordinary to me and no mirriors just like the said rumors.
Just for fun, we did try to stay there. It was a short good stay. hehehe…

16. First Time to Handle a Graduation Ceremony
This is one scary thing to do. Though there are ready scripts and program, the nervousness is still there.
Simply because something like a graduation is a very memorable event, I just don’t want to ruin it.
All is well, the program is still a success eventhough it had been rained on.

17. First Time for Paintball
I enjoyed this game with my UP (Masteral) classmates. I wish the other team was aggressive like us and would fire on us.
I wasn’t even shot but we did lose. LOL! We run out of paint bullets. hahaha…

18. First Time to see Penguins
I saw them at Trails to Antartica at the Manila Ocean Park. They are so cute and they glide so swiftly in the waters and ice.
Amazing creature. I started to like them for the fact that they only mate with one and only penguin their entire lifetime. 🙂

19. First Time to Watch a Recital in a Folkbar
Thanks to May Manla for tagging me along to watch her tutees to perform a guitar recital.

20. First Time to try LazerXtreme
It was a fun game to play. Using censor and lights, it is the newest way to play baril-barilan. hehehe…

21. First Time to Enter a Chineese-Buddhism Temple
I was so amazed to see gigantic Buddha and other golden statues. I wish next time, there could be someone telling me facts about all of it. I am out of words for I don’t have a clue of what I had seen inside. >.

I had so many things to write…. but it’s 10 minutes before 12:00Am.
Got to leave my purple now. See you next year!



How to Buy in an Online Shopping Website When You Don’t Have a Credit Card?

Lately, I’ve been enjoying some of my educational explorations, recreational and food trips which I purchased from online shopping websites. It’s cheaper and affordable. I admit, I am very compulsive in terms of such science-related or any outdoor activities, and all I want is to try and see it all.

But how to purchase when you do not have a credit card? Again, I do not have a CC.

First, I was hesitant on trying to purchase and experimenting to pay in the bank/ATM but at the latest, I didn’t encounter any problems at all. Here are some of my favorite online shopping sites and they allow purchases to paid in the bank/ATM:

1. Metrodeal: METRODEAL

2. Ensogo Philippines: ENSOGO

3, Groupon: GROUPON

4. Ayala Deals: A-DEALS

I often uses BDO-ATM dragonpay: http://www.dragonpay.ph/bdo-atm-how-to

What I love about not purchasing using a credit card, is that when I order they still give me the time to think.

A 2-3 days to settle my purchases, if I don’t pay within those days, the reference number would be invalid.

Good heavens! This is great for a compulsive buyer like me! As Sophie Kinsella’s confession of the shopaholic say,“you can always find something you want” but “do you need it?”

What I am saying is that when you have the means to buy something you want, go ahead and spoil yourself! However, try to keep your controls, too. Believe me, I’ve trying my best to do that. 🙂

Enjoy shoppin’!


I’ll soon update you with my zoo/outdoor activities I just purchased.

*Applicable in the Philippines Only


How To A Book CebuPac Flight When You Don’t Have A Credit Card?

Every time I receive a Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Alert, I always on check it because I might possibly book one for I love traveling and flying. But what do you if you want to book a flight but you don’t have any credit card like me?

It is simple as a breeze, here are some ways for us to enjoy Cebu Pacific Seat Sale without the dilema of having a credit card:

1. Select on the flights that you want. It is way much easier if you are a cebupac member already.

2. Fill in the Geust/s Details.

3. Fill in your Add-ons *optional

4. Choose a Seat/ Don’t choose at all

5. Now, for the payments, Choose Payment Centers and choose any of this:
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Another work related adventure.
But I had inserted tips and budget-friendly reminders just in case you want to visit the Hacienda Escudero.

Photo 1: Rates
Photo 2: Church or Museum?
Photo 3: Omnipresence
Photo 4: Great interiors
Photo 5: Flower Plant
Photo 6: Hey it’s ME! What to bring for an adventure?
Photo 7: What is your favorite color?
Photo 8: Mossy
Photo 9: Is it me or is it just all pink?
Photo 10: not for hire
Photo 11: Rafting
Photo 12: Drink for a summer day
Photo 13: Instagram