DIY Coron: Entrance Fee for Island Hopping/ Attractions

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For big groups who are visiting Coron, it is advise to do your own island hopping, rent a boat and split the charge with your mates. Yet please do bring your own coal, utensils, plates, glasses and water, and consider paying the entrance fee in every place you’ll visit:

  • Banol Beach: P100/ person
  • Banana Island: P200/ person
  • Barracuda Lake: P100/ person
  • Bulalacao Island: P200/ person
  • Calauit Wildlife Safari: P250/ person
  • Calumbuyan Island: P150/ person
  • Coral Garden/ Lusong Sangat Gun Boat: P50/ person
  • Culion Museum: P250 local/ 350 foreigner
  • CYC Beach: no charge
  • Dalawang Isla: P100/ person
  • Ditaytayan Island: P200/ person
  • Kayangan Lake: P200/ person
  • Malaroyroy Island/ Bulog Island: P100/ person
  • Malcapuya Island: P150/ person
  • Maquinit Hot Springs: P100/ person
  • Pulang Lupa: P100/ person
  • Sangat Island: P200/ person
  • Siete Pecados: P100/ person
  • Skeleton Wreck: P100/ person
  • Smith Beach: P100/ person
  • Twin Lagoon: P100/ person

For smaller groups, I highly recommend group guided tours. Why?

  • you can meet new acquaintances
  • exchnage ideas and stories with other tourists
  • it is much cheaper than renting the whole boat plus paying all the entrance fees
  • you can do more, see more and enjoy more without hassles of thinking when and where to cook, who to pay for every entrance fee, all the things of an individual traveler should do…

Here is a site which I used for my 4-Days/3-Nights Coron Trip: http://www.elcompasstravelandtours.com/

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Scenic Worth-Waiting Bolog Island

March 6, 2013

It was day 3 of the 4-days/ 3-nights Coron trip. The face-hidden wanderlust a.k.a. Violet  and her cousin took the island hopping tour D which includes Bulog IslandBanana Island and Malcapuya Island for 1,100/pax.

Sleepy long-ride. For two non-swimmer, the face-hidden wanderlust and her cousin choose Tour D so they could enjoy the beaches and the islands of Coron. But they never expected that they have to crossed the open sea and travel for 2-hours by boat.

For the first 30 minutes of the boat ride, Violet took several snapshots of the near islands, eating her favorite Ketchup-flavored Piknik and enjoying the breeze. Then, another 30 minutes passed and boredom strikes. She watched Kuya Larry and Shane cook their food. Big crabs and veggies on the menu (included in the tour package).


Violet also eavesdropped on the conversation of some Taiwanese passenger but with no schema of understanding it. The other male Taiwanese sang an OPM song saying it was his favorite. She tried to entertain herself but she is totally bored thus ended up with a nap.

More or less than 15 minutes.she again woke up. She was totally bored and concluded that boredom is fatal. She stares into the deep blue skies and tracing ever cloud in her memory, and it does kill time. Then, at long last without checking on the time, they finally arrived at the first island.

Bulog Island, for her, the experienced is similar to love-at-first sight. It was something she had witnessed for the very first-time. Plenty of shells in its shore, it’s clear waters, white sands, scenic view and it’s view deck… lovely Island.


Violet has lots of great pictures with this island, but she wishes to stay as the face-hidden wanderlust, so here are just some of the pictures she wanted to share with you.

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A lesson learned: Patience is a virtue. The 2-hour boat ride took Violet into a paradise. It was definitely worth-waiting for. Going to the island had took 2-hours boat ride, Violet was already bored with sleep but when she saw the first island destination, she knew it was love at first sight. She went down as fast as she could and take as many pictures of the rocks, water, sand and the whole scenery.

859127_10152308469357925_481412816_o (1)

Photographed by Shane

Violet walks into the clear waters. She was headed towards the rocks and the sand bar. Though it was not low-tide, she sat on the shallow water and giggle with happiness. It was a paradise (saying to herself).  And if there’s a place where she can live the rest of her life, she would definitely choose Coron and had picked Bolog Island as one of her favorite places in the world.