JUN & MARLYN OLIVAREZ of Camotes Island Cebu

The couple that works hard together, stays together.


Rose is for Jack, Minnie is for Mickey, Beauty is for the beast, Bella is for Edward… Meet Jun and Marlyn Olivarez of Camotes Island. What makes them distinct from the rest of Camotes residents/ tour guides is that they always work in tandem. Every day, they patiently wait for tourist to came into their island. Jun drives while Marlyn calls out for passengers and do tour guiding. On times when the are no tourist and they have vacant time, they work in their home and take care of their child.

Photo Credits: John of

Marlyn as very approachable and very friendly asked us if we wanted to tour the island and gave us very reasonable price of Php1500 (compared toPhp 2000 offered by Santiago Resort and of Habal-habal Php500 + 2 L gasoline). We kept of haggling until she even agreed to include Buho Rock in the tour and gave us a free ride back to the port (worth Php250) the following day. She said, she has a heart and it’s not just all about the money.

We did encircled the island and went further to Poro Island. It so nice to meet people like them. She even capture good photos.

For affordable Camotes island tour rates get them. Here the contact infos: 09075043009 & 09167634895.