Special Boat Accommodation in Coron

March 6, 2013

It was day 3 of the 4-days/ 3-nights Coron trip. The face-hidden wanderlust a.k.a. Violet  and her cousin took the island hopping tour D which includes Bulog IslandBanana Island and Malcapuya Island,for 1,100/pax.


The sea is calling once again. She can hear it with her heart. The face-hidden wanderlust had a good sleep last night, except for the sweating due to power lost that awakened her, she was tired but happy with yesterday’s adventure. She got out of the bed and go straight to the balcony of the guesthouse. It was a lovely view of houses standing on bamboo and wood stilts, Coron water and clear blue skies. She looked for Daddy Cat but it wasn’t around. She goes back to the room and found her cousin preparing for another island hopping. So, she prepared her things and herself, too.

ImageA five-minute walk going to centro Coron. Then, Charged up their stomachs with a too-long-to-prepare equally divided huge pancake with butter and honey at Centro Coron costing 85.00 pesos. It looked tempting and appealing, yet it tasted like kababayan bread and there’s nothing special about it. But definitely, it’s a good breakfast to last until lunch time.

Afterwards, they headed off to the el compass tour station and greeted by ever-energetic tour guide Shane and another tour guide Kuya Larry. Then, payed the sum of 2,200 for two persons for all inclusive tour D, escorted to walked pass by the market, waited at the boat-docking area and to be loaded with other fellow tourists (6 Taiwanese and 4 Pinoys). Lucky, it won’t be a nose-bleeding day for the face-hidden wanderlust.

Yet, it seemed that the Hinirang boat seems too small for 12 people. So, Violet and her cousin (as their second tour with that boat) were allowed inside the Captain’s area. It’s more spacious and comfy for two passenger and the rest of the tourists were closed-by-elbows in their benches. Special treatment it is!

Some guests are wondering why the two were seated in Captain’s cabin and maybe all they could ever do is just to wonder. LOL!

Aside from that, Violet and her cousin requested to reserve the biggest crab for lunch, and they’ve been totally  the luckiest girls in the islands of Coron.


Hinirang boat. With two-female guests comfy seated in the Captain’s cabin.

Next Stop: Scenic Worth-Waiting Bolog Island, one of Violet’s favorite places.