Street Foods Outside Intramuros

For the love of exploration, we walk into the busy grounds of Roxas Boulevard, Luneta Park and Intramuros. This happens for 5-days of which attending a seminar in the morning and 5-days of exploring Manila in the afternoon (5 PM-onward). This is a part of the 5-Days Manila Challenge.Image

After exploring Manila Ocean Park and Playground,
Crossing Busy Streets: Manila Hotel, Civil Guards and Random Things, and Intramuros: City Within Walls, it’s time to try the street foods outside Intramuros. It’s been tempting especially that we are tired from walking.


What do we have here:

  • Kwekkwek: 4 pieces for 10 pesos
  • Fish Ball: 1 peso each
  • Hotdogs: 2.50 pesos each
  • Penoy: 8.00 pesos each
  • Gulaman: 5/10 pesos per cup

Thanks to Love for this yummy treats. I like the hotdogs and kwek kweks.


They are called street foods for it can be found just near the street or road. Be cautious with what you eat and if you want to try this, too. We did try this because we know our tummies were not so delicate and we are hungry as well.

Just when we thought that we should head back to the LRT station, we cross the street for some golf balls and pictorials in Club Intramuros Golf Course.