SAGADA GUESTHOUSE is a good choice!

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Why choose this guesthouse?

1. Rates are affordable and negotiable.

There are plenty of ordinary rooms for 1-6 pax with various rates from 200-1,875 pesos. There are no electric fans in each room, you’ll never need it anyway.

The two girls’ room was E-2 for 900 per night with 1 twin bed, 1 single bed and private hot & cold bathroom. With haggling, got the room for 700/night.

Note:  Arriving on a Monday w/o reservations is no hassle,the guesthouse is quite empty. Most guest arrive during weekend. So, if planning to arrive on weekends, please call for reservations in these numbers:

Lodge: +63.921.9694053
Restaurant: +63.918.9418792

2. Good Location

Located on the main road and in the heart of Sagada, Mountain Province. Situated right next to the new municipal hall in Poblacion. It’s very near the Ganduyan museum and information center, too. The restaurants is a walk-downhill along the information center while the chruch, hospital, hanging coffins and echo valley is just straight ahead. sagada guesthouse

3. Morning View is Amazing!

Violet and Len stayed at E-2 (Extension-2). The guesthouse has a main lodging and an extension house. Here is a view of sunrise kissing the face of the mountains.

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4. The Cloud kissing the Ground View

Aside from the sunrise, it was also a great view to see the clouds touching the ground. Fascinating!

5. Historical Pioneer

Sagada Guesthouse were the first homestay and one of the first lodges to accept guests in Sagada. Europeans were their first guests for only 2.50 pesos during the 50’s! Whoa! And the ownerof the guesthouse, Mrs. Veronica and Ignacio Daoas, they were both public officials in Sagada. From 1988-1992 Ignacio Daoas is a local chief executive of Sagada.

6. Amenities

– The Hot and Cold Shower is great especially during night bath and shower. –  There are Cable TVs (some rooms and common area) / Free Wi-Fi on the main lodging house (no access in the extension house).

– They have Restaurant / Cafe with a a huge map of Sagada on its wall to assist their guests, it also serves as a conference room (with whiteboard), they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all their cafe crew are men.

ALL MEN CREW? It’s quite intriguing… According to Randall, a crew and relative of the owner, “we do not have discrimination with women, it’s just that most of the girls in our family is not in-line with hotel management and services, unlike us (men crew) who took culinary and hotel management. Though we had 2 girls in the house, one in the lobby information and one dishwasher (often comes). Furthermore, efficiently men can handle almost all the tasks like cooking, cleaning, carrying luggage, etc. By the way, some crew are not our relatives, the owner is very kind to all. When one needs job, he offers a job here or in the farm.”

MENU. Plenty of variety to choose from, quite reasonable prices and the cheapest compared to other restaurants and cafes in the town.

– The Common Area which is the lobby has a book shelf with various books (they even got hunger games. Nice!), they have a couch set, a TV set, bulletin board, PC and the place is equipped with WiFi. With wooden interiors giving it a homey and cozy effect.

The information desk and the common area

Bookshelf and bulletin board containing all important Sagada infos

Review: It was a good 3D/2N stay in Sagada Guesthouse. The crew are very accommodating, even showed how to get the hot and cold shower running when Violet though it was broken (stupid! LOL!). They have plenty of materials posted on their bulletin which is quite helpful to their visitors and they also called out our guide (who turned out to be a human-elevator). And aside from that, the stairs is a short flight (with aching calves and muscles it’s important to consider this) and the lobby is a direct entrance (no stairs. yes!). Then, Randall is quite a gentleman and attended to every needs of Len and Violet (giving more butter for her pancakes) during one dinner. He also told mostly all the interesting facts about the guesthouse. Good and friendly service! Upon checking out, they (some crew on duty) even thanked and bid us goodbyes. Good days in Sagada thanks to the people and their guesthouse. Iyaman!

You can check on their website at http://sagadaguesthouse.blogspot.com

Feel free to ask questions and leave comments about Violet’s stay in Sagada Guesthouse.


– They also have water refilling station. 🙂

– During one rainy afternoon, they lend their umbrella (really thankful for it!). When Violet returned it, she had a glimpse of the kitchen and saw all the men crew. That’s the time she’s itching to ask about ‘why all men crew‘…