Taste of Sagada: Sagada Guesthouse Restaurant & Cafe

Why walk more if there is a restaurant and cafe down stairs?

Sagada Guesthouse have their own Restaurant / Cafe with a a huge map of Sagada on its wall to assist their guests, it also serves as a conference room (with whiteboard), they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all their cafe crew are men.

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Interesting Facts:

ALL MEN CREW? It’s quite intriguing… According to Randall, a crew and relative of the owner, “we do not have discrimination with women, it’s just that most of the girls in our family is not in-line with hotel management and services, unlike us (men crew) who took culinary and hotel management. Though we had 2 girls in the house, one in the lobby information and one dishwasher (often comes). Furthermore, efficiently men can handle almost all the tasks like cooking, cleaning, carrying luggage, etc. By the way, some crew are not our relatives, the owner is very kind to all. When one needs job, he offers a job here or in the farm.”

MENU. Plenty of variety to choose from, quite reasonable prices and the cheapest compared to other restaurants and cafes in the town.

Food Review: Very kind service and they serve plain rice unlike the other restaurants which mix red (malagkit) rice. Also the cheapest restaurant.

Len had fried bangus, with side dish and plain rice, she had the plate down! LOL! A satisfied customer. While Violet had pancakes, yes it is for dinner. She asked for an extra butter, it was given free of charge. Nothing spectacular about the 2 big pancakes.