Sparkling Malcapuya Island


March 6, 2013

It was day 3 of the 4-days/ 3-nights Coron trip. The face-hidden wanderlust a.k.a. Violet  and her cousin took the island hopping tour D which includes Bulog IslandBanana Island and Malcapuya Island for 1,100/pax.

AWE. The face-hidden wanderlust is in a awe state. She was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Bulog Island and Banana Island, and now the Malcapuya Island. Docking in the shallow water covered with lots of decaying leaves, nearby trees are also present, then walking through a rocky path and then the chalk-like white sands, it’s like an ordinary white beach.  But it’s like a hidden gem, it needs a little scratching before one can appreciate its beauty. And so, that’s what they did.

Scratching. These are the ordinary view: walking pass through the stretch of white sand beach, it was definitely pristine. There are no establishments in the island, it has a natural hill view deck, and  its just a simple beach – and I like it that much. One simple and charming beach. Wishing it will not turn into like the crowded Boracay.



Raising the ordinary to extraordinary: jaw-dropping view.

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Ordinary to extraordinary: sweet escape

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Violet as a non-swimmer went out there in the sparkling waters of the island and saw the images of the “taklobo” or giant clams and other marine creatures, it was an amazing view from down under. Special thanks to Kuya Larry for swimming while Violet and her cousin hold on the buoy.882444_10152316151432925_1769276710_o

The most memorable part of visiting Malcapuya Island is not really on its surface but it’s within its depth. It would be one memory the face-hidden wanderlust can never forget.

Beauty is skin deep (and also water deep). We must learn to take risk, to venture on a journey and wander into the unknown, everything on Earth always comes with discovery or forever wonder what’s out there.