Taste of Sagada: Pinikpikan Haus

 After trekking back and forth the terraces and witnessing the enchanting Bomod-ok falls, we definitely can eat a horse! Horses, it’s not a Sagada dish, a must-try here is the famous Pinikpikan.

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Location: Down the slope almost near lemon house pie



The Pinikpikan Haus has its own touch of originality. It feels like dining at home and there are some good folks who had shown our group mushroom of different kind just like the one wild mushroom that can be determined by a pig (great animal) and they said that’s it’s an expensive mushroom.

Food and Menu:

pinikpikan 2


Menu from http://sagadapinikpikanhaus.blogspot.com/p/menu.html

Waiting time is about 20 minutes. The Pinikpikan is an original chicken dish of Cordillera. This version taste-like nilaga, with some veggies and topped with cured-and-salted pork. The food was okay (not much of a nilaga fan), the pork tasted very unique and delightful in the mouth, totally happier for there are other parts of chicken (breast part) and the coca cola definitely made it a great meal. Too hungry and with the fellow trek mates silently eating theirs, pinikpikan was a sure hit to these hungry fellow adventurers.