Do You Really Need A Guide And To Rent A Vehicle?

There are plenty of attractions in Sagada. Its either you’ll walk or rent a vehicle.

Tip: You need to gather all your strength if you want to walk it all and if you don’t want to walk, you’ll need stretch your wallet.

Do you really need a guide? Yes.

Do you really need to rent a vehicle? Yes and No. 


  • Cave Tours: Sumaging Cave, Lumiang Cave, Balangagan Cave and Crystal cave

Photographed by: T-Rex. Credits: Len Flores

Tip: We had only gone to Lumiang and Sumaging for Cave connection. Honestly speaking, you don’t want to go inside a cave on your own. It’s a tricky place, it’s either you get out alive or you’ll be next to be placed in the Lumiang Burial Cave or maybe next to the hanging coffins. Aaww! And about the vehicle service, Lumiang and Sumaging caves are about 30 minutes walk from the information center. If you’re just trying the normal caving, walking isn’t so bad but if you’re doing the cave connections, whoa! Vehicle service is a must! At 500 pesos (1-10 pax) and will deliver you back-and-forth is not so bad.

  • Mountain Tours: Marlboro Ountain, Mount Ampacao, Mount Sisipitan and Mount Polis

Note: Had not yet gone to any mountains due to muscles were already to tired and as well as limited stay in Sagada.

  • Falls Tour: Bomod-ok Falls, Bokong Falls and Pongas Falls

Photographed by: Renailyn. Credits: Len Flores

Tip: Bomod-ok is far and a vehicle rent is a must, but if you insist in walking, it’s maybe a 45 minutes to an hour walk. Also, they do not allow people to go to the falls without a guide. So, it is a YES for tour guides! And please also consider this, people around the place depend on tourism for their daily income, tour guiding really helps in putting food in their tables.

  • Sunrise: Kiltepan Peak962363_10152460467032925_1600383338_o

Tip: Vehicle and tour guide is a Yes! It’s a bit far and I bet some muscles are in pain alredy after trying cave connections or falls trekking. Like us! Ouch! 

  • Sunset: Lake Danum

Note: Due to rain, trip was cancelled

  • Easy Tour: Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins, St. Mary the Virgin, Underground river942614_10152463641527925_1684753817_n

Tip: Hanging coffins, Echo Valley and St. Mary the Virgin is an easy walk. If you knew the place, you can go without a guide. No need to rent for a vehicle.

  • other attractions: Ganduyan Museum, Pottery and Weaving, and Rock Inn/Orange Farming


Tip: Kiltepan peak is near the Rock Inn. Ask you vehicle driver if he can take you there for a sneaky peeky.  Our Pottery and weaving visit was cancelled due to the rain. Ganduyan Museum is very near Sagada Guesthouse, easy access.

Here is the exact attractions visited by Violet: 

Day 1: Hanging coffins and Cave Connection (afternoon)

Day 2:St. Mary the Virgin Church, Ganduyan Museum, Bomod-ok Falls (morning) and cancelled the afternoon trip due to rain: pottery, weaving, sunst at lake danum and visit to the echo valley and hanging coffins.

Day 3: Kiltepan Peak, Rock Inn, echo valley and cemetery.

Having the same tour guide from day 1 has given us the confidence that he’ll make our Sagada visit worth it. Indeed, he was the most helpful and easy to be with. He was very kind and  assisted us in every possible way. It was also a good feeling that at least we met and get to know better a local from Sagada. And most of our stunning photos were captured by out tour guides, they are Sagada’s experts.


Kuya Greg. Our Guide from Day 1 to 3. Photographed by: Len Flores