The Life Saving Cupcake

But what turned out to be an unlucky day for her had made someone else’s day better.

The face-hidden-wanderlust wishes to travel the world but also wishes to see a better world. It has been her dream (for many years) to serve her country, serve her fellow Filipino people and be a person who can make this world a better place. Finally, her dreams are all falling into pieces, this was her first actual self-less act (teaching is her vocation and profession but she earn from it so that’s not really count for volunteerism for her), and would be one of her advocacy- Donating her blood.


One afternoon at Quezon City Hall, the face-hidden-wanderlust inquired for scholarship for her to re-continue her masters degree, but unfortunately the scholarship was put on hold for the meantime (due to election).Together with her friend, they both decided to talk to the City Mayor. While walking in the City Hall, City Health Staff are scattered in the corridor, asking people to donate blood. Tess Bote (City Health Staff) spotted her, they both caught themselves in the eye and Ms. Tess  then asked her if she is willing to try. The face-hidden-wanderlust as ever being witty and compulsive asked further questions, showed interest and promised to return once they talked to the City Mayor.

302387_10152407650797925_7045541_nThen at the City Mayor’s office, it is really not-a-lucky day for her, the Mayor is out for his campaign. Oh well, they just left a letter for him to hear their sentiments and suggestions.

But what turned out to be an unlucky day for her had made someone else’s day better. She met with Tess again in the lobby and agreed to be screened for bloodletting.

For a first-timer, she was totally and excited and nervous. A man then came too and also wanted to donate. She was also trying to convince the man but it seems the man is intimidated with her charms (LOL) and he ignores her. Then the man asked about all the stuffs about the ID and other benefits if a person donates a blood. Well, she didn’t know there was any benefits, she just wanted to give her blood right away and she just continues to answer the tiring form.


She passed the sphygmomanometer  or blood pressure meter, and then she passed the doctor who is a bit weird about asking too many questions. The best part was the blood screening, they’re about to test the hemoglobin using Copper sulfate solution blue sol’n., if the blood submerge she pass; floats, she fails. They pricked her finger and get some blood samples and dropped it into the solution. WOW! Amazing! She passed with flying colors (Geeky Chemist, she’s just excited to tell all this to her chemistry students)!


Now, she lay in bed along the corridor where people are passing by every second and keep on starring. LOL (shameless, her face is not-hidden to them)! She started to become talkative as ever, asking every non-sense, freaky and some intelligent questions as well.

She saw the needle (freaky fat needle)! Heart beat becomes faster.

Aileen said, “this might be painful.” and the face-hidden-wanderlust avoid to look, then she felt the needle pushing into her veins but nothing is painful about it. She turned to look at her arm and saw the blood rushing into the bag. Aileen said, “the pain is variable to all, it depends on the pain tolerance of the person.”

Well, Violet (face-hidden wanderlust) guess she is numbed. She had encountered too much pain and this once stands nothing to all of it. Then, she thought of her Dad in the hospital, for not a single bag of blood could save his life, and that’s really painful. Anyways, Violet thought Aileen was great in what she does. She’s an amazing woman to be in the field and doing her best to keep the volunteers unharmed and okay. She often asked Violet if she’s okay and what does she feel. Now, Violet tries to ask further about the ID, about Aileen Abalos (that’s her, also avoiding the camera) work and she also tried to tell her about work, her special children students, her advocacy and plans.


After 10 minutes or so, the bag was already full. It will be separated into three bags in the laboratory (to separate the components). She was still laying bed for 15-20 minutes more before she was allowed to sit and be discharged. But before that, they gave her a piece of cupcake and a juice drink for free. Violet was delighted about it. They talked some more, thanked each other and said goodbyes.

It was indeed a good day for our face-hidden wanderlust, to share a little piece of her self to save a life. Another soul whose face is also unknown but both will definitely be connected by the blood she gave whole-heartedly.

Violet aside from gaining new encounters, experiences and perspectives, she became aware of her self, too. She doesn’t need an ID for this deed, she never would have wanted one (she is not donating to secure that when she needs blood, she can ask it for free. Never). She did this because she is still healthy, could help, should act and could pass the screening process. By the way, the man who asked for an ID didn’t passed the screening, I just don’t know why.

For inquiries about bloodletting and who wants to join Violet a.k.a. ME (after 3 moths), please kindly leave a message and see you soon.

For those who wanted to donate, please look for Aileen Abalos at the Philippine Blood Center.

Thank you so much!