DOLPHINSLearn how to swim and swim with dolphins and whales 

– Excerpt from Violet’s bucket list https://violetxplorer.wordpress.com/category/bucket-list/

Violet would like to share the joy of fulfilling another dream: swimming with the dolphins and an encounter with a gigantic sealon named Kai. She had gone to Ocean Adventure Subic and had her share to become an animal trainer for a day. This is quite expensive but the memories are surely priceless and she had put strike on it on her bucket list.


When younger and loved watching NatGeo, I came across a feature about seals and sea lions. I was actually fascinated on how adorable and cute they’re and I was sure they also perform in circuses. But what happened next had disturbed my entire childhood-being. This brought me into tears and entirely shocked, I think I had never actually moved on.

Arriving 2 PM at Ocean Adventure, we are quick to change clothes and finally meet our mentors. They taught us some information and basics of teaching sea lions and of course, I asked if it’s safe to be near the carnivorous sea lion and recalled to everyone about the feature on NatGeo, they said yes and with their convincing poses. We would be meeting Kai, the friendliest, tamed and cutest sea lion in the park.


Here is Kai wearing a big big smile on his face. He must know that I am his new trainor and to do this, we had a bro-fist thingy (my fist and he presses his nose against it). To make smile, use your thumb and index finger and shape it like a smile or check, press the clicker device and feed him fish. He was taught with positive reinforcement (rewards and prizes are the best way to learn not just for kids but also for sea lions).

Raise your thumb and see his cute inverted heart-shaped tongue. cutey…

sea lion (9)

See the clicker on my hand? When he does something correct the clicker is pressed and it’s time for his fave rewards: fishes and squids.sea lion (8)

More photos soon…


DSC_4975I was able to see how fun dolphins were when I encounter them at Panglao, Bohol. We are at the boat and chasing their entire school. I had fun seeing them jump of the waters, race and swim too fast, but I also felt that I violated their peace and i just hoped they will never be put on harm because of that tour vieiwing.

It was a dream to see them but I never thought that swimming, interacting and touching them would actually be possible. Here is our coach Jay and patiently reviewing us the hand signals for the show. Waaaahhh… we are part of the dolphin show that day, just awesome! And he had this amazing trick with the false killer whale dolphin

sir jayHere is my biggest friend ever – Tonka, a false killer whale dolphin.


Tonka decided to gave us some splash…woah!

Dragged… by a dolphin. Thought I had lost my shorts. LOL! It was awesome how fast they swim and how strong they were.