What To Do in Guimaras That You Never Read in Other Blogs?

Tired of reading the same stuff about Guimaras over and over again?

Here is a extraordinary spice added to what to look out for.

  1. HUG A TREE – see the beauty of trees and marvel with their power to connect with our souls. 

hug a tree main picturehug a tree


2. SELFEET – featuring the different landscapes of Guimaras and it’s limestone foundation.


???????????????????????????????????? 3. Church Hopping – I’m gonna be remarried here 🙂 ????

balaan bukid church????????????????????????????????????


4. Make Friends & Take a Jump – awesome people from GenSan. I love jumpshots but it doesn’t love me. hehehe




5. Meeting the Locals – encounters are truly enriching.


Kuya Boy who helped me out with my 3 island hops. A bangkero from Raymen. Please give them some tips, it does help.

DSC_9571 The Tres Marias of the Trappist Monastery buy their goods please, you might get discounts and free item from them.

DSC_9469These kids are the naughtiest of all. I asked them if the Bell is working and if I can ring it, they told me that I can. And so I did. Then all ran in different directions including me. Afraid to be caught tugging the cord. 🙂 That was fun anyway. LOL

6. Take Panoramic Pictures
The picturesque ruins

The buwis buhay panoramic shot with the wind blowing too harsh and standing in the old rusty lighthouse is another fear factor experience

The Raymen beach. Short beach walks are too awesome in the morning and noon

7. Try Local Food – the veggies called “Laswa” and their own version of dinuguan.


8. Sea Creature Encounter


9. Play with the Colors
20151003_174334no filter. real.






10. Make Your Own Trail and Chase Sunset – near Raymen is an ecopark and nobody seems to go that way and things unnoticed is what I really like.Plenty of things to see and so I will write more of it with another post.

???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????


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