How to Buy in an Online Shopping Website When You Don’t Have a Credit Card?

Lately, I’ve been enjoying some of my educational explorations, recreational and food trips which I purchased from online shopping websites. It’s cheaper and affordable. I admit, I am very compulsive in terms of such science-related or any outdoor activities, and all I want is to try and see it all.

But how to purchase when you do not have a credit card? Again, I do not have a CC.

First, I was hesitant on trying to purchase and experimenting to pay in the bank/ATM but at the latest, I didn’t encounter any problems at all. Here are some of my favorite online shopping sites and they allow purchases to paid in the bank/ATM:

1. Metrodeal: METRODEAL

2. Ensogo Philippines: ENSOGO

3, Groupon: GROUPON

4. Ayala Deals: A-DEALS

I often uses BDO-ATM dragonpay: http://www.dragonpay.ph/bdo-atm-how-to

What I love about not purchasing using a credit card, is that when I order they still give me the time to think.

A 2-3 days to settle my purchases, if I don’t pay within those days, the reference number would be invalid.

Good heavens! This is great for a compulsive buyer like me! As Sophie Kinsella’s confession of the shopaholic say,“you can always find something you want” but “do you need it?”

What I am saying is that when you have the means to buy something you want, go ahead and spoil yourself! However, try to keep your controls, too. Believe me, I’ve trying my best to do that. 🙂

Enjoy shoppin’!


I’ll soon update you with my zoo/outdoor activities I just purchased.

*Applicable in the Philippines Only


How To A Book CebuPac Flight When You Don’t Have A Credit Card?

Every time I receive a Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Alert, I always on check it because I might possibly book one for I love traveling and flying. But what do you if you want to book a flight but you don’t have any credit card like me?

It is simple as a breeze, here are some ways for us to enjoy Cebu Pacific Seat Sale without the dilema of having a credit card:

1. Select on the flights that you want. It is way much easier if you are a cebupac member already.

2. Fill in the Geust/s Details.

3. Fill in your Add-ons *optional

4. Choose a Seat/ Don’t choose at all

5. Now, for the payments, Choose Payment Centers and choose any of this:
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Another work related adventure.
But I had inserted tips and budget-friendly reminders just in case you want to visit the Hacienda Escudero.

Photo 1: Rates
Photo 2: Church or Museum?
Photo 3: Omnipresence
Photo 4: Great interiors
Photo 5: Flower Plant
Photo 6: Hey it’s ME! What to bring for an adventure?
Photo 7: What is your favorite color?
Photo 8: Mossy
Photo 9: Is it me or is it just all pink?
Photo 10: not for hire
Photo 11: Rafting
Photo 12: Drink for a summer day
Photo 13: Instagram