WAWA DAM also known as Montalban Dam is found in the municipality of Rodriguez, Rizal. It near Avilon Zoo, so instead of going back home early, we went there to explore the place.

DSC02494Wawa dam features amazing rock formations (quite similar to the tall rocks of Puerto Princesa and Coron), boulders of white rocks are everywhere which makes the place picture perfect, a man-made falls, caves, other attractions like bamboo rafting and an old ruin building to give a 180 degree view of the whole place.

It is advised to wear comfortable clothes, bring snacks and water, wear rubber shoes or a sandals. Walking on top of the boulders might be slippery and an activity like this make you want to munch a little snack along the way.


DSC02516We did tried the bamboo rafting. I had tried it once at Villa Escudero and that experience is nice, so trying it here is a must. The girls tried it first and we are able to get back to the hut and then the guys follow. Now, we tried to raft together, all five of us towards the edge of the cliff and suddenly the wind blew hard and I thought it was the end of us.

DSC02521It is freaky scary to imagine what could happened to the five non-swimmer almost nearing to fall from the cliff. Of me holding the DSLR of Paolo (almost figuring how to save myself and the camera) but God is good, He won’t let anything bad happen and with the paddling of JC and Paolo, we had manage to get out of there. It was a fun day really. 🙂

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