How Do I Get to Travel for Less?


Going anywhere nowadays means you need money to get you on the road. But how will you do it for less?

I once wrote that I am not rich, I don’t have the traveling gear or equipment most travelers need, don’t own a DSLR camera but only a handed-down sony camera (with big black spot on the LCD) and I just borrow this pair of sandals from my brother (LOL) but for the love of exploring I invest my money in finding ways to get on the road or into the airplane.

Every time there’s a seat sale on cebu pacific (my travel partner, I wish…) or any metrodeal/ensogo/a-deals promos about educational tours , I try to analyze if that’s the cheapest they could give, and when it is, I go for it!.

How to do it? I try booking it first (experimenting) and paying via payment center (if I have the money and the companion for my trips).

When to do it? Whole-year-round would be perfect. I believe that the whole year is like summer in the Philippines and according to Paolo Coelho “that the whole universe will conspire just for my dreams to come true”. A weather is just a variable but my dreams are more powerful and with God’s providing hands, it will be done.

But bare in mind that most of my travels were early been booked (1-year maximum waiting time) because all are promo tickets. Thus, “Patience is a virtue.”

About to do it: One year or few months for preparation gives me time to search on the coolest places to explore. It also gives me time to reflect if I have enough money for the trip and if so, that also means I have to save all my pennies. To also devise a plan of not ditching my work and I also been thinking of how to make an extra income (any suggestions?)…

Now, it takes some courage to travel. Who wants to go with me? 🙂

“Travel is the only thing we buy that makes us richer.”

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