Sagada Trekking: Epitome of Walking On Sunshine

bomod-ok falls

Landscape walking. Walking in the luscious green terrain. Walking the valley to hear the resonating echo. Walking downhill to eat Sagada’s best. Walking on the clouds.

If there’s one thing you need to know about Sagada, it is the epitome of walking on sunshine. Sure does one would have a plenty of walking to do here, all walks will let you melt into a majestic and astonishing view, and it’s gonna be a lovely meltdown.

trekking bomod-ok

What should you bring and prepare in your trekking?

1. Backpack. Keep your hands free. You’ll have your walking sticks with you in Bomod-ok Falls. Place your valuables, food and drinks.

2. Food and Water. Aside from chocolate bars and energy drinks. You should bring a bag of chips with you. Munch! Munch! It will distract you from your tiring trek.That’s the thing Violet failed to do.

3. Footwear. Shoes, slippers and sandals will do. Violet used sandals. It can protect the soles of your feet, can be dipped into the water, it easily dries and comfortable than shoes.

4. Sarong. Can be used as a cover from the sun or a towel to dry off after soaking into the falls.

5. Arm & Leg Cover. Skin cover for protection is useful. If you don’t have these, apply a sunblock.

6. Respect. Respect the trails, the people you’re with and met on it, and all the living that goes with it. Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures.

7. Camera. The landscape in Sagada is amazing. To good to be true indeed. Capture it with your own light and see how it radiates it beauty into your lens.

8. Good Companions. This is one of the best thing you need to find. But some things doesn’t need to be found,some awaits at the place where we need them. So, do not worry to be alone or being in a small group, sure enough you’ll find new friends along the trails. Just like Len and Violet did.

9. Good Conversations. It all starts with a name and the rest is history. Make sure to be polite and kind when conversing with others. Respect differences and just be yourself.

10. Warmed-up Legs. Exercise before the trip, it will do no harm. Violet is a terrible uphill trekker and her knee is stubborn. Walking though is not a problem. So, she advise to flex those lower extremities and work on muscular endurance.

Kiltepan Trekking (possible but too far)

kiltepan sunrise

Photographed by: Len Flores and Renailyn. Credits: Len Flores

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