Rainy afternoon cancelled our pottery and weaving making, sunset in Lake Danum and Echo Valley with hanging coffins visit. A lame second day afternoon in Sagada.

Cancelled tour because of a rainy afternoon. The weather is unpredictable. It was a sunny morning yet on the afternoon, it ain’t no more. Instead of laying on bed at the guesthouse, Len and Violet still went out and look for souvenirs and pasalubong. And a chance to try-out Yoghurt House.

Menu and the Yoghurt:

Review: Chocolate chips were a balance to the sour taste thick yoghurt. It was a nice taste but it was not a perfect timing. It was raining outside and Violet was bored, she rather have chips (which she has in the bag and ate it). LOL! Len had hot chocolate for 90 pesos, in a big mug, she loved it. She described it as like-a-dark-chocolate drink which I bet is a tablea. They need to improve their customer relations, they seem to be starstruck with most of their guest (we are not even stars. LOL!). They had receipt written in a piece of paper (tore in a notebook) and they had charged an excessive 60 pesos. It was corrected and Len paid for 190 pesos (her treat)! 🙂

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