Taste of Sagada: Lemon House Pie

Sweet Love for Pies. A delightful craving and addiction.

A heartbreak caused that it’s too far (from home) to grab anytime.



After the lunch out in Salt & Pepper, Violet insisted to look for the Lemon House Pie, well, Len agreed. It’s a long walk to find it but the agony of walking is bearable, once savor the heavenly taste of the pies. Oh droooling here! Teleportation please! Huhuhu! Missing it too much already. I love you, egg pie! 😥


lemon house pie

Photo Credits: Len Flores




Review: Awesome interiors. Love the low-rise table and even the dining area inside. The pies are great (Violet can eat the whole thing all day and wishing to be eating one at this very moment)!

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