Taste of Sagada: Salt & Pepper


One should look up for a sign.


If you reject the food, ignore the custom, fear religion and avoid religion,  you might better stay at home. ~  James Michener

Arriving in Sagada by noontime is perfect to roam around, find something interesting and look for a good place to eat. Going down the slope, one should look up for the sign of Salt & Pepper. It was a fortunate event that while walking and taking pictures, Violet looked up and found in black-and-white the name of this restaurant, and its catchy tagline.


History: Salt and Pepper are the original seasoning of all the foods in Sagada.









The View: 


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The nearby houses with chimneys, the slope (up and down), the blooming flowers at the veranda, and the locals of Sagada on a Monday (lunchtime) – a simple life.



On the Menu: Honey Lemon Inutom and Mushroom Inutom. “Inutom” means chicken.

Reminder: Waiting Time takes about 30 minutes or more.

Review: It’s a self-service restaurant. Get the condiments and water at the center shelf (they have plenty of drinking cups).The food was great. It taste special and original. The honey lemon is a delight (though no other part aside from thigh-leg). The veranda is awesome, even the interiors and the rice grains over the counter is very unique.

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